Calista(A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Harry and I have been together for almost a year now and now he's on tour for three months now, After what I've just found out our lives is about to change forever because I'm pregnant. How am I going to tell Harry?what if he's not ready to be a dad?


3. Hit And Run

"Come on Kel... He deserves to know"Hannah said. Well it's been a month since Harry and I have got into an argument and I am 3 months pregnant,So I went for walk and I wasn't paying any attention that I was on the road until a woman in her car swerved and hit me and I blanked out. As I was waking up I heard a familiar voice.*voices* "Kellie....Kellie....can you hear me....Kellie" it was my friends Sabrina,Hannah and Deseraé "Kellie are you okay" Hannah said "yeah you mom called us crying saying that you were in an accident and you were rushed to the hospital" Deseraé said " Yeah we were so worried about you" Sabrina said. "And don't worry we gave your mom Harry's number to call him and tell him what happened" the girls said "WHAT!?" I said "maybe we should of asked her first before we gave her mom Harry's number guys" Hannah said "But it was important" Sabrina said "Still we should of asked her" Hannah said "Well it was important at the time Hannah"Deseraé said. "Well all I'm saying is you shouldn't have done that you know I'm not talking to him right now" I said "But Kellie!" The girls said "BUT NOTHING!" I said. My mom had just came into the room and the room went silent "What's going on??" Mom said the room was still quiet "Girls!?"Mom said again, still the room was quiet."Okay well...I'm going to get something to eat I wi see you guys in a bit oh, and Kellie I called Harry and he will be here first thing tomorrow morning" Mom said "Whatever" I said rolling my eyes "Kellie" she said and gave me a serious glare, while I still roll my eyes at the thought that Harry is coming tomorrow. My mom just shook her head and left the room.

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