A Simple poem about the complexity of words and how actions affect the world around you much more than it affects you.
Please remember this is a work of fiction, I have not witnessed or experience any of the happenings in this short poem.


1. Heaven

I do not like going to school

For there I'm not exactly considered cool

Though I am there to learn

being taught by the teachers who are old and stern

My hair is thin and dirty blonde

I'm not a pretty sight

And of me people aren't too fond

their insults really bite

but nothing's as bad as when I'm at home

My father isn't nice

When he shouts he makes mother and I

feel like timid mice

My home is like a torture chamber

filled with whips and chains

When father hits me it really hurts

but I cannot complain

for if I did it would go on longer

and nobody wanted that

I'm always worried that my father 

will take out a baseball bat

but that seems crazy

doesn't it?

he wouldn't be so mean

well you have never met my father

a single nudge will make you scream

My mother has tried to leave before

but has never actually succeeded 

My father beat her to the floor

Despite the mercy that she pleaded

I cannot stand this any longer

I don't deserve this place

my father's actions couldn't be any wronger

Now I have a disfigured face

Im going to live with jesus now

he will take care of me better

just remember the hanging place

of young Pamella Jean Heather


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