The Teenage Pregnancy Pact.


7. What to do

So when we woke up we had our faces in the name books. I'm pretty sure that Olivia had a Cheeto in her mouth. So i have gotten to 2 months! I have two more months to figure out my babies names. I am wishing for two girls so I can spoil them rotten. I am starting my job today ( it's at a day care im off bed rest) So it's a pretty low key job I'm working in the nursery ( it's like training) so I'm going in at 10:00 and before I'm going maternity clothes shopping for work clothes and after work there is jewels ultrasound and then Alexis' ultrasound ( I'm the only one that will go with her cuz we are like sisters) so when I get off work I'm gonna use the crutches for support my feet are sore .

~~~~~~~ Maternity shopping~~~~~

"Where are the clothes for a women pregnant with twins?"

"Umm well they are in the entire back section." the woman at the register told me.

"Thank you!"

"Welcome." the woman said

~~~Skip the shopping~~~~~~

I got out of there with a few tops and skirts with a waist band.


"Here is your name tag Miss Lexis, are you expecting? " The front desk lady asked

"Is it that obvious? I'm like 2 months pregnant with twins."

"Wow! That's not bad for your size!" The lady said.

I said "I'm going to the nursery to work , thank you for the compliment!" ~~~~~~in the nursery ~~~~~~~~~~

"Aww these babies are adorable!" Then a woman holding a baby girl walked in and and I walked over. " Hey I have my daughter with me and I was just called into work and I need someone to watch her, can you watch her?" the woman asked handing me her daughter

"What's her name? It's so I can sign her in."

"Hanna Rose Rivers, your a lifesaver, thanks for taking her I need to get to work."


"Thank you for picking us up Lexis! We know you started work today." Jewel and Erin exclaimed

"It's not a problem I just am wondering where Olivia is?"

"She is getting her nails done at the nail salon next to Precious Peeks®" "she doesn't feel like she's pretty, Believe me I tried telling her." Erin stated

"Ok , here's the plan , we will treat Olivia to a night of beauty tonight, Erin don't think about it around her ,I'm talking about telepathy here she can sense when your hiding something from her. I have to do something after your ultrasound jewel but I have a lot of beauty supplies at my house I say we meet there around 7ish?"

"Yeah sure lets do that. Now can we go?" Jewel stated

~~~~~~~Precious Peeks~~~~~~~~~~~

"Can we have Miss Jewel Brown ? " The tech said

"Are you ready Jewel?"

"Yeah I think so." she said

"Ok well let's go!" The tech stated


So this is how it went , jewel is having one child and the baby is breech so the will have too turn the baby when she's later in the pregnancy.

~~~~~~~~Alexis' Ultrasound~~~~~~

"Hey Alexis, I'm almost there!" I told here on the phone when I came into her neighborhood

"Kk babe see ya in 2" exclaimed Alexis

When Alexis got in the car she said

"Last night I felt the oddest thing and I wanted to tell you first, I felt 3 hiccups in different sides of my stomach, I think I'm having triplets!"

I said "Really! That's amazing!"

Then she said "Your the godmother Lexis!" " I don't have siblings to leave my child too if I pass, I can't leave my children with Maizey !"

" I'm honored Alexis! You do notice I'm having twins right?

"Yeah, you can Handle it though I saw you take care of your siblings Lilly, Johnathan, McKinley, Drake, and Dakota" Alexis told me

"I know. Let's get to your ultrasound!"


"Can we have Moore , Alexis?"

"Let's go Lexis I'm ready!"

~~~~~~~ Afterwards~~~~~~~~~~

As I turns out Alexis' prediction was true and she is having triplets

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