The Teenage Pregnancy Pact.


6. Name 2

Erin is having twins too! I'm so excited!


Erin's Pov


"What erin?" my mom said mocking me

"I'm having twins!"

"What!?!" my mom said surprised

"Yeah are you mad?"

"No I'm happy! How far along are you?" Mom said happily

"About a month Wendy!" Lexis cut in

"Sweetie , I heard what happened earlier do you need anything? With your parents always away I was wondering if you needed some help?" mom said

"No mom we will probably be at her house a lot." Olivia stated

"Yeah since I'm in a wheelchair I will use the spare room that's in my houses main floor."

~~~~~ twenty minutes later~~~~~

Lexis Pov

"Erin how about Lea and Ethan for boy/girl ? I chose them for the heritage Ethan means firm and strong and Lea means poet."

"Those are perfect for you Erin!" Jewel said

"Exactly the perfect names!" Olivia stated

"What if I have two girls? I don't want to know the gender of my children." Erin asked

I said "What about Spencer and Avery?"

"Really cute, but I'm thinking we look at the baby to know their names." Erin told us

"I like Barklie how about you guys?" jewel asked

I said " That's a very pretty name jewel!"

"Hey lex how bout Shayleigh and Maddisynne?" Olivia asked

I said "I love them Olivia!

~~~~~~~~~ School~~~~~~~~~~

I was still on bed rest and I'm in school and Olivia's making me come even though I feel like crap.

"Hey fattie , why so fat lexis?" a random person screamed at me

"Why don't you confront me douche? I yelled at him

He screamed at me "Okay Lexis"

Just the I realized who it was. It was jaeden

"Hey gaywad stop your bulls**t stop thinking that your so cool and admit you are the father of Alexis' child"I screamed at him.

Just then Alexis walked up,

"Lexis is right jaeden, stop being a immature brute and grow a pair!" Alexis said

Then Erin ran to our rescue

"Jaeden come here, I'm gonna show you who's boss"Erin screamed at him

Then she whispered into my ear

"Ready to kick him where it hurts? here is you mission kick Jaeden in the balls."

"Yeah" I stated " Hey jaeden, you need to know something."

He swaggered over like he was a boss and when he got in my range I kicked with all my might.

~~~~~~~~Jewels house~~~~~~~~

"I can't believe you didn't get in trouble Lexis!" Alexis said

"I am as surprised as you are." I stated

Then we got the baby name books out.

"Twin boys Boyd and Brent? Girls... Sophie Grace and Temperance Joy?" Asked Erin

Omg this is going to be so fun!

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