The Teenage Pregnancy Pact.


8. Baby A and Baby B

"Oh crap not again" I screamed as I puked into the toilet connected to my bedroom

~~~~at the Kulpinski household~~~~

"Erin why are you burning up?" (O)

"Why is your hand on my face?"(E)

"You puked earlier, I wanted to see if you were ok!"(O)

"I'm fine, Why haven't you gotten sick?"(E)

"I don't know Erin! Mom says that it is not common not too but your pregnant with twins Erin."

~~~~~The Brown household~~~~

"Jewel are you done yet?"

"Yeah I'm getting ready for graduation! Can't believe I'm almost a junior! At 18 I can do almost anything, I'm also a mom!"


The Valedictorian gave the speech it was good I guess for all they said was! 'Let us rejoice sophomore year is over junior year here we come'

~~~~~~~~Lexis POV~~~~~~~~

I had graduation and then a ultrasound I'm at 4 months!


"Are you ready to find out the sex of your babies Ms. Aydt?"

"Yeah why not I'm hopefully having girls!!!!"

Let's hope that they are both girls!

"Ms Do you have the person who these bundles of joy with you?"

"No he dumped me when I told him! That rat bastard!"

" Well the doctor will be here shortly," "good luck with the twins ms!"

The ultrasound gel is cold now more than ever.

The tech put the gel on my stomach

Then the tech said

"Baby A is a Girl, Baby B is a Girl! your having Identical twin girls!"

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