The Teenage Pregnancy Pact.


10. A call from Carmen changes everything

"Lexis I need to tell you something."

"What Carmen you don't sound very happy."

"I'm I'm pregnant."

"I am 5 months pregnant with twins."

"I didnt know. Whos the daddy?"

"Liam Davidson, But he broke up with me. ",,

"Fuck him! You will be a amazing mom!"

"Carmen please come over! Come meet my daughters!"

"When did you find out! My god do you have names!?!"

"Just come over and see!"


~~~~~~~~~10 minutes later~~~~~~



"Lexis! Wow! Sweetie your huge!"

"Thanks, I have an ultrasound In ten minutes. Come with me to see your goddaughters!"

"I'm their god mother? Oh Lexis!"

"Yeah you were my first choice. But we gotta go! Tell me everything in my car."


~~~~in the car~~~~~~~

"So I'm three months pregnant Lexis and I have the cutest bump and name for them ! They will be named Alex. Tell me my goddaughters' names!"

"Well Carmen they are Maddisynne and Maddelynne."

"Oh ma god!"

"Did you tell their daddy?"



"I don't know his name."


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