Just Friends...not.

Michelle is your average high school teenage girl. Or, at least as average as it gets. She's popular, all the teachers loves her, and she has the best boyfriend ever. Saxon Lyman. But what happens when her childhood friend, Derek Graham, starts increasing their friendship to the next level. Is he just trying to mess with her emotions? Break up her relationship with Saxon? All of the above?


6. From Beginning to End

I started off by telling them all no, but of course they didn't believe me. Then I told all of the girls that I loved him, but as a brother.

"That's bullshit!" Cried out Carissa.

"Yeah!" Yelled Lexy.

"So," Hallie started, "tell us the truth. And I want the whole sandwich. Details and all. Kisses and all. Fights and all. I want all the information about your and Derek's so called 'friendship.' Tell us all of it; from beginning to end."

I blinked.

I breathed in.

I breathed out.

I sighed. "Fine. All of it?" They all looked at me with wide, intriguing eyes, and answered my question by nodding. "Okay, well, here goes nothing..."


~~5 years old~~

"Dare-bear! Give me that back!" Michelle yelled in frustration.

Derek held up the doll even higher in protest. "Na na na boo boo. You can't reach it!" He taunted her over and over.

"Derek!" She screamed on the top of her lungs, hoping her mom would hear her from downstairs.

"No, Michy, you're not allowed to have your doll back. You've been very mean to me lately."

"How?" She wined.

"I can't really remember anymore, but I know you have! So you don't deserve this doll back!"

"B-b-but..." Michelle started to stutter her words as she was trying to hold back the tears that were threatening her eyes. "C'mon Dare. I'll do anything."

Derek stopped everything and just stared at her. "Hm. Anything?"


His wicked grin was plastered on his face as he said these simple words to her. "Kiss me."

Michelle froze, unsure of what to do or say. "Uh... kiss you? Why do you want me to kiss YOU? That's gross. You're like, my brother!"

Derek shook his head. "You're wrong, Michy. We are best friends. NOT brother and sister. So you can kiss me. You won't get arrested. Scouts honor." He held up two fingers to show his promise was true.

"Well, uh, okay, if you say so. But I don't know how to kiss." She admitted.

"You know how you kiss your mommy and daddy?"


"Just kiss me like that."

"On the lips?" Michelle asked, still unsure about this situation.

Derek nodded his head and leaned in for the kiss. Michelle squinted her eyes tight, puckered her lips just like she would kiss her parents goodnight, and leaned in to give her best friend a kiss on the lips.

And in a matter of seconds their lips touched, and they kissed.

Michelle jerked away a couple seconds later, touching her hot lips and feeling her cheeks grow red.

Derek laughed, shocking Michelle. "That was amazing. Did you feel the...the...I don't know what it's called, but I want to do it again!"

Michelle protested. "No! No no no! That was not good, and it was bad and dirty. Now, I kissed you on the lips, so give me my doll."

Derek realized he was still holding her doll in his right hand, and slowly he handed Michelle her doll. "I hope we do that again in the future."

Michelle scoffed. "What future? I have no future with you."

Those hurtful words got to Derek and within seconds he was in tears and running down to whine and cry to Michelle's mother.

"Serves him right." She giggled. "But that wasn't all that bad either..ooh! My doll needs a new outfit for today..."


~~11 years old~~

Derek looked at Michelle from across the car seats. "I've always wanted to see this movie!!"

Michelle chuckled. "Really? Alvin in the Chipmunks? It doesn't even look that good."

"What? Really? Then why are you even going?"

She scoffed at him. "Because one, you're my bestest friend in, like, the whole wide world. And two, your mom paid me twenty bucks to come."

"How is it that you made me feel good and bad at the same time?" He asked.

"It's a talent. But seriously, I did want to come with the movies with you. You're the only boy that I love and doesn't have cooties." She smiled at him.

Derek's whole face went red. "W-w-wait..." He started to stutter, that was never a good sign. "You just said you love me..."

Michelle burst out laughing, which confused Derek. "Of course I love you, silly goose. You're like my long lost brother for crying out loud!" But she thought back to all the hugs and kisses they shared over the years, and realized she might like him a bit more than just a friend or brother.

There was a couple seconds with total silence, then Derek frowned. "Oh. Right. That's what I thought you meant."

"Good. Because it would be really weird if you actually thought.."

Derek pretended to make gagging noises, which cracked Michelle up, and within seconds they were both in fits of laughter and any awkwardness between the two of them vanished instantly.


~~15 years old~~

(A couple months before I started dating Saxon)

*Christmas Time*


Knock. Knock. Knock.

"C'mon Derek. You have to come out eventually. It's the annual Christmas Eve dinner, you can't miss out on it." Michelle repeated this over and over, trying to convince Derek everything will be okay.

Derek sniffed. "No. You don't know what it feels like." he hiccuped in between his words, "to get your heart broken, in such a," hiccup, "cruel way. It feels like the whole world hates you, and everything is crashing down."

"Listen to me Derek. Megan doesn't deserve such an amazing, sweet guy like you anyways. She crossed the line cheating on you like that. I get it, I really do."

"How do you get it?" Hiccup. "You have everything. You're gorgeous, and you and Saxon are going to be getting together soon, it's obvious. While, every girl just rejects me, but wants to be my best friend..."

She sighed. "Derek, please open the door. I can barely hear you, and I want to talk to you face to face."

There were minutes of silence, and she was just about to give up on the whole situation, when the door opened just a tiny bit, but enough to let her know he was letting her in.

Michelle slowly walked in, noticing Derek's strong, lean body on his bed, his face was on his pillow. How could anyone do this to such a sweet, cute guy like him? She thought.

She walked over to hes bed and laid down right next to him. "Listen to me Derek, it's okay. We're only fifteen, we still have a whole lot ahead of us, she's not worth your time."

He looked up at her with a red puffy face and red eyes. "Are you sure?"

She looked at him and smiled. "I'm sure. I'll always be here for you if anything happens too. You've been with me through the tough times. Now it's time for me to return the favor." She started laughing.

"Uh...what's wrong with you? What's so funny?"

"I'm just remember the time in seventh grade when I had that huge zit on my forehead and you let me wear your at all day at school, even when the teachers yelled at me to take my hat off, you told them I had a rare fungus growing on my forehead and I couldn't take my hat off for the rest of the day!" She cracked up laughing, and Derek joined her. "See? I'm happy to see that smile again."

"My metal mouth smile? Ha! You're so funny."

"I'm serious Derek. Besides, braces on a guy is so adorable."

Derek smirked. "Did you just call me adorable?"

Her face went red. "Uh...no. I just said guys with braces are adorable. I never specifically said YOU were adorable."

"Hey! Rude much?" He was smiling though. "Oh! Can I show you what I got? It was kind of made for Megan, but oh well. Close your eyes."

Michelle closed her eyes, listening to Derek ruffle in some boxes. "Aha! Found it. Okay, keep your eyes closed..." She felt Derek come closer and closer until they were body to body on his little bed. "Okay, open your eyes now."

She opened her eyes slowly and noticed Derek was right next to her, holding some kind of branch with leaves above them. Oh no... She thought. That's no ordinary branch with leaves, that's mistletoe. "Derek, I don't know if we really should do that."

"Just one time, please? I've always wanted to kiss such a beautiful girl like you. You would be my first french kiss..."

"But, I just don't thin that's such a good idea. I want to be with Saxon, what would happen if he finds out we kissed?"

"Nothing, because no one will know but us. Besides, you guys aren't officially dating yet, so it wouldn't count as cheating." Derek looked at her with pleading, beautiful blue eyes.

She gave in. She would do anything for her best friend. "Okay fine but not that long of a kiss, okay?"

He grinned at her, and started leaning in. "Scouts honor," he whispered to her, right before their lips made contacts.

Sparks flew everywhere. Michelle tried her hardest to try and stay as still as possible, but when his tongue slipped inside her mouth, her hands went to his face, and slowly made their way towards his hair. Her body rolled on top of his, and they were having a make out session before they knew it.

His hands slid up and down her back, and cupped her face sometimes. She couldn't help it and kissed him back. Fireworks went off, this was one of the best kisses she has ever shared with anyone.

He rolled on top of her, and one of his hands slid under her shirt onto her naked waist. Her hands traveled down his back and she gripped his shirt, hard. She let out a moan or two. When he groaned, that pulled her back into reality, and she realized what a big mistake that had been.

Michelle broke away from the passionate kiss and slid out from under him and ran to the door, leaving Derek on the bed, still laying there. Her breathing was unsteady, and she gripped the door handle, trying to keep her balance. "Uhmm... be ready and downstairs in 10 minutes. Dinner will probably be ready by then."

She walked out of the room, ignoring Derek's calls for her to come back, she walked into the bathroom and sat down on the edge bathtub thinking how everything escalated so quickly. It was all wrong. So wrong. So why did she still feel that little tug in her heart that was whispering to her, telling her to go back to him?

~~Back to the present~~

I told them the last story, of me and Derek in his car when he was dropping me off after camp. He gave me a little goosebumps, and I could a little emotion there for him, but all that erased when I saw Saxon.

"Wow." Was all Sydney said.

"You got yourself in the hole, and you're deep in there too," said Hallie.

"Yeah girl, I don't know how you're going to climb up all the way out of there, but we are here for you. Pinkie promise. But I do have to say, I think you would be cuter with Derek..." Carissa stated.

"Most definitely," agreed Lexy.

"No no no, I think she looks perfect with Saxon." Said Kearra.

"I agree with Kearra!" Sadie chimed in.

"Or," Sydney started giggling mid-sentence, "we could just say there's boyfriend number one, which would obviously be Derek, am I right? And then boyfriend two, Saxon."

Everyone started laughing their butt off. Except me.

What have I started?

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