geek+ cool kid= cutest couple

Juli Egbert is a 16 year old girl who falls in love with her brother's best friend. The only ironic part of that all is that they have very little in common. She's a nerd and he's a cool kid, shades and everything. But lucky for her, he loves irony.


1. Hey there cool kid

It's winter break and snowing outside. Just the perfect weather for Juli Egbert.

"I can't stand all this snow. Oh my lordy! So much snow!" She complained.

"Juli your just gonna have to deel with it. It's the Christmas season. It wouldn't be the same without snow!" John said back.

"Bluh. I know. I just really hate the cold."

"So do I but am I complaining?"

She took a deep breath in. "No."

"Exactly! Then you shouldn't either. Now come help me make Christmas cookies. I don't wanna be stuck using Betty Crocker stuff. God I hate Betty Crocker." He narrowed his eyes as he said that.

Juli walked over to the kitchen to help her brother make home made chocolate chip cookies for all his friends. Heck, while she was at it, she would make a few for her and her friends too.

A few hours assed and they were just taking the cookies out of the oven.

"Mmmmm. Smells delicious." Juli said as she sniffed the air.

"I know right. Much better than that Betty Crocker stuff would've."

"Ha. Yeah. Why do you hate her so much anyway?"

"I don't know. I just do."

 "Fair enough. I'm just surprised we didn't burn them or something."

"Yeah me too. Then I was actually expecting too." John exclaimed.

They set the tray of cookies on the table and started sorting them into little bags to give out on the holiday.

Just as they were working, there was a knock on the door.

"Egderp are ya home? I'm coming in." Said the voice outside.

The door opened and a tall, lanky, freakishly blond boy walked in. He was wearing really dark shades and a red, green, and white patterned sweater with a reindeer on it. It was one of those sweaters that when you see, you can't take your eyes off it.

"Nice sweater Dave." John teased sarcastically.

"Shut up man. Look, I'm here to invite you to my ugly sweater party this weekend."

"Yeah sure I'll go. Can my sister come?" John asked.

"The more the merrier." Dave replied with his usual poker face.

Juli came into the room carrying a bunch of wrapping paper and bows and ribbons of all sorts of colors.

"Hey there cool kid. What's up? And what's up with the ugly sweater?" She asked the Strider.

"Hey. Not much. Just here to invite you two to an ugly sweater party I'm having this weekend."

"Oh sounds like fun. What time and day?"

"Eeeeehh.... this Saturday aaat about 2pm. But feel free to come early. This party's gonna be dope!"

"Haha I bet. Yeah I'll come. Is John going?"

"You bet. He's being forced to come even if he don't wanna." Dave said.

"But I do wanna so therefore it's not really forcing me to go." John explained.

"Haha whatever Egdork. Just be there on Saturday."

"We will. But hey as long as you're over here, stay and help us with these holiday goody bags or whatever you wanna call them will ya."

"Sure can do man."

Dave walks over to the table and starts helping out with putting together the goody bags.

"Man those cookies smell good. Did you make them yourself?" He asked John.

"Yeah, with a little help from Juli but pretty much."

"Wow and you didn't burn them?"

"Surprisingly not."

"Impressive. I didn't even know you could cook."

"Funny thing, nor did I. I just can I guess."

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