Found Missing

Ireland is the girl who always got the guys, is the popular chick, and is super smart. One day she was so upset she ran away wanting to see who would go and look for her. To see who really cared about her. She jumped on a plane to London and stayed in a hotel for a while, watching the news and reading the news papers to see if anything about her popped up. No one, not a thing came up about her. No one cared that she was gone, no one cared if she was dead. A month later a young looking lad finds her and that's when Ireland finds were she really belongs.


8. tearing down the hotel


Ireland's POV


I opened my eyes to see a big beautiful sunset. The sky was yellow, blue, pink, orange and a little bit of purple. It was the prettiest thing I had ever seen. Below the sunset was water. I look around and saw I was on a boardwalk and there were was hundreds of fancy gold chairs in front of me filled with people dressed in dress's and tuxedos. I could recognize some of them as my family but some of the other people I had no idea who they where, I had never seen them in my life. Where was I? I had tried to walk but instead I had stumbled and I looked down to see a big beautiful white wedding dress! My head shot straight and followed the white carpet that was running in between all of the people leading up to a wedding arch where there was a priest standing behind it and 4 girls in short blue dress's standing on one side and 4 lads standing on the other. I focused more on the boys because I knew exactly who they where! They where Niall's friends from the bakery and they...wait Niall! I looked back over to the priest and sure enough,  Niall was standing there, tall had a big smile plastered on his face. I blinked a few time to make sure I wasn't dreaming when I felt someone wrap their arm around mine and looked over to see my dad looking at me with a smile. Okay now I'm super confused why am I here? Did I just miss 5 years of my life? The classical music started to play and my feet started to walk towards Niall and a little girl was walking in front of us throwing light blue flower pedals down at the ground.

I had stopped walking in front of Niall when something wet licked my face. I looked over to Niall who now had his tongue sticking out like a puppy and licked me on the face again.

"Ewww Niall"! I shouted, wiping the salvia off my face.

I closed my eyes and was licked again but this time when I opened them I was back in the hotel and Coffee was standing above me was slobber on his tongue and dripping down onto my face.

"Ewww Coffee"! I laughed, wiping the slobber off. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and stretched my arms in the air and standing up and walked over to the door with Coffee following close by, jumping off the bed and landing on his face making me laugh. He just got back up and ran over to the door and scratched at it until I opened it up and he took off down the hall. I was walking slowly down to the worn out kitchen where Ii found Coffee scratching at the pantry door.

"Coffee" I scolded him, picking him up with my foot and moved him over so I could open the door and he ran in and tried to jump up at the small bag of dog food I had bought a little bit ago with the money I had found over time. I grabbed some cans of soup and Coffee's food walking out of the pantry with Coffee running out in front of me and trying to stop but instead he had slid into the wall causing me to chuckle at him once again.

I love Coffee very much but he's the weirdest dog in the world. That's why I named him Coffee. When I had first found him, the first night I had heard a crash down in the kitchen and when I got down there he was drinking some cold coffee on the counter I had left out that I had "bought" earlier that day and ever since, coffee was his favourite thing to drink.

I opened up the can of soup because that was the only thing that I had here in the hotel, lots of cans of soup. I cooked it up while watching Coffee tackle a piece of bread I had given him.


*Hours Latter*


I was walking down a street that wasn't to busy with Coffee strutting his stuff down beside me. I laughed how he thought he was a model or something, wit his head held high and taking every step with sass. We were just walking around town like we do everyday but this time  I was keeping an eye out for a pacific blonde haired lad.

Sadly the walk was almost over and I hadn't seen any sign of Niall or his friends. I was walking back to the hotel in the all that runs behind the hotel with Coffee when I herd loud music and lots of people laughing and screaming. I poked my head in the door to see people dancing and singing. I was debating on going in when a large man who looked like he was made of mussels,  in all black came to the door an stood there with his arms over his chest. I backed up and started to walk away, scared he was going to kill me or something. 

Coffee and I continued our walk until we reached the hotel where there was a big van out side. I was pretty confused of why there was a van here in the first place. The hotel was out of order I guess you could say and it was in no condition to live in...well to stay as a guest.

I slowly walked in an crept over to where the voices were coming from.

" So that's all then?" A man asked.

"Yes I believe so. You have the tear down date if I'm correct" A women asked

WHAT! There tearing this place down! I was mentally screaming while clutching my head. Where am  I suppose to live now? This is my home!

" November 3rd" The man answered.

"Great. Okay lets get out of this place, it's starting to creep me out". The women said with a ting of disgust in her voice.

The two people started to walk over to where I was hiding with Coffee , so we crept into the next room and watched them leave threw the crack in the door.

Where are we going to live now and with winter on the way...oh poo.

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