Found Missing

Ireland is the girl who always got the guys, is the popular chick, and is super smart. One day she was so upset she ran away wanting to see who would go and look for her. To see who really cared about her. She jumped on a plane to London and stayed in a hotel for a while, watching the news and reading the news papers to see if anything about her popped up. No one, not a thing came up about her. No one cared that she was gone, no one cared if she was dead. A month later a young looking lad finds her and that's when Ireland finds were she really belongs.


11. Return

Welcome to the return of "Found Missing"!! I know I've been away for a while but I'm baaack. This is just a small return chapter tell you guys what's gona be happing in the next few chapters so enjoy this tiny chapter.  



Irelands POV


Its been almost a year since I've been on the streets and moved in with Niall. No one knows I'm a run away and I plan on it staying that way. Everyday is a new adventure for me.  Life is just so different now living in a house full of boys. I mean the lads are amazing but gosh are they slobs. Well all of them except Liam, always cleaning up after us, making us meals. Once I even found him in my room making my bed. I love him, he's like our personal maid who doesn't get paid. Liam's just a big neat freak.  

When I said " living in a house full of boys", I didn't mean they live with Niall and I but they're always here. Don't get me wrong I love it when they come over, their like big brothers to me, always messing up my hair, wrestling around, starting food fights, protecting me. Niall on the other hand is all of that times two. I'm pretty sure sometimes he thinks he's my dad, looking out for me, making sure I eat, calling me if I'm out to late. I know he means no harm, just trying to protect me.


I was sitting in a chair in the corner of my room reading a Harry Potter book with the sun shinning on my skin. I was deep in the book that I didn't even knottiest someone was standing a few feet away from me until they cleared their thought making me jump and drop my book. I looked up to see Louis standing a few feet away from me with his head down, hands behind his back. As he slowly looked up I could see his bright blue eyes that always sent a dagger threw my heart every time I saw them.

"Jesus Louis" I whispered placing my feet on the floor and picking up my book off of the floor. I stood up with my book in my hand then turning to my desk and placing my book on it.

"What's up Lou" I asked.

"She broke up with me...she broke up with me" Louis said in a whisper and started to ball.

"Oh Lou" I went over to him an hugged him and he hugged me back and just cried.

We must have been sitting there for hours with Louis crying his heart out to me.

Lou's has been dating this girl, Jennet, she was the closest to perfect you can find. She had beautiful long light brown hair, pretty much a perfect face, perfect body and was unbelievably funny an smart. I was actually with Louis when he met her.  We were at a bar one night with the other lads and my two girlfriends. The two of us were sent off to get a few round of drinks for everyone. Out of no where Louis started shaking me rapidly and when he finally got my attention all he did was point over to pretty girl sitting at the bar watching the game with a smile on her face. All I knew was that Louis was in love with her the moment he saet eyes on her and she just broke him. I'm gona have to punch her face in.  


Niall's POV


"Gooooooaal" Everyone shouted together as the winning goal was made.

Everyone was jumping around the room hugging each other and cheering. Liam ran over to his fiancé Danielle, and picked her up kissing her, Zayn ran over to Leana. Everybody knows they like each other a lot but wont actually tell each other. Harry was just jumping around with a beer in his hand, spilling everywhere and receiving a death glare from Liam. I finally stood up, but not to celebrate. Honestly I don't even know who was playing, I was just staring black mildly at the screen the whole time lost in my thoughts.

I had made my way up the stair's and to the door of Ireland's room. The door was open only a crack but I could see her and Louis hugging as small sniffles came from Louis and Ireland rubbed his back and was shushing him as he let out a small cry.

I had turned around so my back was beside the door frame and leaning agents' the wall. A ping of jealousy over came me and the next thing I knew , my fists were in balls and I was an inch away from the door using all of my power not to go running in and stab Louis. I know their best friends and don't think of each other like that but I do. I'm the one suppose to be looking after her and comforting her.  I know this is the other way around but it still pissed me off. I wanted Ireland and I to be more then really good friends. I didn't want to be sibling anymore, I just wanted her.

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