Found Missing

Ireland is the girl who always got the guys, is the popular chick, and is super smart. One day she was so upset she ran away wanting to see who would go and look for her. To see who really cared about her. She jumped on a plane to London and stayed in a hotel for a while, watching the news and reading the news papers to see if anything about her popped up. No one, not a thing came up about her. No one cared that she was gone, no one cared if she was dead. A month later a young looking lad finds her and that's when Ireland finds were she really belongs.


6. Kicked Out


Irelands POV


I was in a small white room with nothing in it but people standing around me in a circle. My dad was there, Ariana, Kyle, Nate, and my mom who I haven't seen since I was 3 but I still remember her. Every detail.

"I hate you" Ariana shouts at me

"You worthless piece of crap" Kyle shouts

"Slut" My own father shouts

"I NEVER loved you" Nate screams.

"Your a disgrace for a daughter. I'm happy I died so I don't have to see you everyday or I would have gone crazy and killed myself from embarrassment." My mother spats at me.


I fall to my knees and cry my eyes out. I want to ignore them but it was so hard. Nate came over to me and started beating me again. I laid there for what felt like hours as Nate beat me and everyone joined in after he kicked me in the eye. I eventually went numb all over so I couldn't feel the pain anymore.


I fell asleep hours latter and was having a wonderful dream full of all of the memories I had with everyone but was awoke from someone shaking me and saying a really soft British voice,

"Miss the flight is over. You need to wake up...Miss.

I opened my eyes to be in the white room again but was still in the white room, this time alone and in a puddle of my own blood.

"Miss...please wake up" I heard again.

All of a sudden my eyes opened again and this time I was on a plane and my head was resting on a window.

"Oh thank god, I thought you were dead" The flight attendant laughed.

"Sorry "I smiled. I got up and grabbed my bag and walked off of the plane.


I walked out of the airport to a big gust of wind blowing in my face. Oh it felt so good to feel the wind. I called a taxi over and asked him to bring me to an address I had on a piece of paper I had given him. I was resting my head on the window when we arrived. It was big and very beautiful but it was suppose to be cheep. I paid the driver the money I owed him and walked over to the hotel.

I walked in and a nasty stench reached my noes causing me to scrunch it up. The inside was nothing like the outside. How the heck is this place still open. The front desk had cracked and there were dents all over it and was almost split in two. The furniture was covered in dust and ripped. The pictures were half hanging and some of them the glass was cracked. The carpet was coming up off of the floor in the corners and the wall paper was starting to peal. This was the nastiest place in the world.

I walked over to front desk with my backpack, still filled with books and stuff from school, and sitting behind the desk was a big older looking man who was starting to lose his light grey hair. He was wearing a pair of ripped light blue jeans and had a  blue flower shirt that on that was way to small for him because I thought the buttons were going t pop any second. I stopped walking a few feet in front of him and was about to turn around and find some were else to stay. I don't care how cheep this place was.

"Can I help you" The name croaked.

"Umm ya. I was wondering if you had a room for me to stay."

"What kind of room." I he asked

"One with a decent sized bed" I said

"There all the same size girl". He's snaps

"Oh sorry. How much is one night"? I ask annoyed.

"Twenty-Five dollars" He say's rolling his eyes

"Then 4 nights please" I say

"That will be One Hundred Dollars" The man smirks

I hand him a few twenties and he hands me my key to y room with the number 29 written in it. It only takes me a few minutes to find my room considering that there are only 30 rooms I the place.

I open my door to reveal a small room with a bed, night stand with lamp on top. A big old T.V sitting on a long dresser in front of the bed a window above it with only one curtain. I made my way over and threw my bag on the bed and walked over to the closest door which was a blue light, worn out blue door. Inside was the washroom with a small yellow sink and matching toilet beside it. Behind the door was a shower that had hair on the walls and some dead bugs on the edge of the bath tube part . I almost ran out of that room screaming.


*4 nights latter*


I was sleeping on the small, nosy bed when thee was a nock on the door woke me up causing me to fall out of bed. 

"Ughh" I groaned rubbing my head and looked at the clock which read 2:58 am.

There was another nock, a bit louder this time.

"I'm coming" I groaned as I walked over to the door as there was another nock but more intense than the last two. I opened the door to see the man that was behind the desk 4 days ago.

"You were suppose to be out of here at 11." The man says with anger and a red face.

"Sorry" I groan.

"That's gona be another twenty-five dollars girlie." He grins

"I don't have any money on me right now. I'll have to pay you in the morning." I groan as I try to close to door but he stops me with his foot.

"You pay now or get out" He says threw his teeth.

"But it 3 in the morning and I don't have the money at the moment" I say

"Then your leaving" The says as the push's his way past my and picks up my bag from the bed and throws it at me and push's me out the door and close's it behind him as he walks out to.

"Hey"! I shout at him

"Get out Girlie before I call someone to carry you out" He spits in my face.

I walk out of the hotel with the man following me and on to the bust street with messy hair, no make up and still in the clothes I have been wearing for the past couple days. I make my way over to a corner store to get something to eat, not knowing were to go. I go in and slip a bag of chips into my bag and a few packs of gum. I went over to the counter to pay for a pop so I don't leave empty handed and look all suspicious with the little amount of money I did have. While I was waiting for the man to come back to the counter from going into the back room I saw the news paper and picked it up just to see what was in it. There was nothing about a missing teenager. Nothing. I put it back when the man came back and I gave him the money and left onto the street again with nothing but what was on my back and the stolen chips and gum.

It looks like I'm on my own now because I was completely broke and had no way of getting home.     



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