Found Missing

Ireland is the girl who always got the guys, is the popular chick, and is super smart. One day she was so upset she ran away wanting to see who would go and look for her. To see who really cared about her. She jumped on a plane to London and stayed in a hotel for a while, watching the news and reading the news papers to see if anything about her popped up. No one, not a thing came up about her. No one cared that she was gone, no one cared if she was dead. A month later a young looking lad finds her and that's when Ireland finds were she really belongs.


7. Beautiful Boys


Irelands POV


2 weeks latter

I was walking down a very busy street down town, I'm guessing around 11 because that's when the fun starts and people go to clubs, get drunk and go crazy. I was thinking about trying to get in one but I literally only have one pair of clothes that I have been wearing for almost a month now. I do have my gym clothes that were in my back pack but winters coming and there a t-shirt and pair of shorts and there the ugliest things I have ever seen in my life. Navy blue shorts with a yellow K(for Kennedy) on the bottom right leg and a yellow shirt with navy blue writing across the chest spelling out "Kennedy Physical Education". Ya, no thanks.

The city was so lit up and beautiful at night. I wish I actually lived here. Right now I'm living in a old abandoned hotel. I've explored every inch of the place and gathered up everything I can. I even found I a stray dog behind the hotel sleeping in a fruit box, who I named Coffee. There are beds and a kitchen but most of the food has gone bad or has been eaten by Coffee. I can tell because there is little muddy paw prints all over the hotel and the ripped packages .


                            ( Picture below of Coffee...well it should be)







I was walking down the busy street looking for something to do or to eat because I was starting to run low on food back at the hotel and now that I have to feed Coffee to I like to hang around the pet stores sometimes to see if I can steal some dog food.

I was walking by a bakery when the sent of cupcakes, cookies, cakes, muffins and sweets filled my nose. I was being pulled back to the store like thee was a magnetic force pulling me back and I couldn't do anything about it. I was standing with my nose pressed against the glass looking in. It was so beautiful inside with cute little chairs and tables and there was cakes and cookies and all of the sweets you could ever dream of. The lady behind the desk was handing a small paper bag to a blond boy who thanked her and walked out of the store. I was in awe of how amazing he look. Blond hair, blue eyes and a perfect body. I just stood there with my mouth hanging open watching him walk out of the shop over to 4 other boys who were standing a bit away. One had brown really curly hair, another had brown hair too but lighter with his hair going everywhere but the look was amazing on him. The other two had similar hair styles except the one with the really dark hair or was it black? I couldn't tell from here but his hair was longer then the other boys who's hair had the same style but was shorter.

"I think you have a follower mate" The one with the crazy hair said to the beautiful blond that just came out of the bakery. The blond looked over to me and I spun around on my heal and started to speed walk away.

"Hey, wait up" The blond yelled.

I started to run but he just ran after me. I ran for the next little bit until I thought I had lost him in the group of people I had ran threw, and started to walk again. I only walked for a few minutes before I was looking at the cement and I could feel a person on my back.

"What the hell"!  I yelled rolling over, knocking who ever was on me, off.

I stood up and saw the blond boy sitting on the ground, getting up him self.

"Sorry about that" He laughed, rubbing the back of his head.

"Do you chase and tackle every girl you see"? I chuckle

"No just the really pretty ones" He grins

I can feel my cheeks turn warm and I smile.

"So why were you running" He asked

"Uhh I just...I thought...never mind" I sighed looking away.

"I'm Niall" He said sticking out his hand.

"Ireland" I respond shaking his hand.

"Cool name! I'm going to guess you live there because of your accent." Niall said

"Ya I do" I laughed "Well I did"

"I like you" Niall smiled.

"Uhh...thanks " I smiled a bit confused.

"Would you like to come with me and the lads back to my flat"? He asked

"I don't usually go home with strangers" I chuckled

"Aww common"! Niall wined "I wont hurt you, I promise"

"I have to go. I'll see you around"

"Can I at lest have your number" Niall shouted as I walked away.

I just walked faster towards the hotel, hoping that Niall wouldn't chase me again.

As soon as I ran up to the hotel I ran up the stairs, to afraid that the elevator will break down while I'm in it and ran down the hall to "my" room where Coffee was on the bed chasing his tail.

"Coffee"! I ran over to him and jumped on the bed beside him.

Coffee barked a few times before I picked him up and slid under the covers with him so he could stay warm and fell asleep dreaming about the beautiful boy had met today. 




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