Found Missing

Ireland is the girl who always got the guys, is the popular chick, and is super smart. One day she was so upset she ran away wanting to see who would go and look for her. To see who really cared about her. She jumped on a plane to London and stayed in a hotel for a while, watching the news and reading the news papers to see if anything about her popped up. No one, not a thing came up about her. No one cared that she was gone, no one cared if she was dead. A month later a young looking lad finds her and that's when Ireland finds were she really belongs.


5. Authors Note


Hey Guys I just anted to say that I ma super sorry for not updating my two book lately. Its just because I have been really bust with school and shopping for my Christmas gifts. I have 3 tests coming up and my science test is 2 days longs sooo...yaaaa. I hope you understand I PROMISE  I will update over the holidays I just cant right now. Some good news I do have a draft of "The Next Generation" going so that should be up as soon as I can. Thank you guys so much for all of the support and likes and just everything. THANK YOU...YOU GUYS MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!! Don't forget to like, fav and comment on these story's for me and if I don't update before Christmas... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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