Nothing Like Us

No description needed


2. The Meet and Greet

Aubree got to my house right on time and I ran outside and got into her car. She was wearing toms and a dress.

I greeted her "You look nice, Aubree! Are you excited?"

"Thanks so do you! And yes I am!" She replied

"Good! Hi Mr. Jennis!"

"Hello Chelsea! How are you!"

"I'm amazing!"

"Great, what do you say we get outta here, huh?"

We pulled out of my driveway and I waved goodbye to my mom. We listened to Justin Bieber the whole way there and before I had time to blink, we were at the stadium where Aubree's dad dropped us off at the door. We ran to the line where it said "meet and greet passes" and we were the first ones in line along with only 3 other people behind us. When the took us in to the stadium where Justin was, they took our ticket and let us through. We got backstage and into the room where Justin was and the security guard told us to take a seat. There were a lot of people there but we went in in only groups of 20 Aubree and I unfortunately got split up but on the bright side I'll get some 1 on 1 time with Justin. The security gaurs passed out a card with a number on it and told us that was the order we will go in when we meet him. I was the 3rd person and by the time the 2nd persons turn was almost over, my heart was racing a million times a minute! It was my turn an I opens the curtain where behind it relieved a backdrop for the picture and there was red carper on the ground. I looked up to see Justine standing there talking to the photographer not even realizing I was there. When he looked over at me he have me a look as of he knew me. Like I looked familiar to him and I tried not to show and kind of nervousness because the way he was looking into my eyes made me feel like he could read my mind and see what's in my soul.

"Hi, I'm Justin" he opened his arms for a hug

"I know who you are... I mean I'm Chelsea, I mean.. Hi"

I walked over and have him a hug. 100% Starstruck I smiled at him and he smiled back. I wasn't sure if he was just being nice or maybe he liked me. I put my arms around him and he did the same to me as we smiled and posed for a picture. Somehow nobody was talking but it wasn't awkward at all. I hugged him again and told him I loved him

He replied "I love you too, and can I just say, you're so beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen anyone as beautiful as you"

At this point I was ready to puke and pass out so I said a simple 'thank you' smiled and walked out.

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