Nothing Like Us

No description needed


3. In The Pit

I got out of the backstage area and proceeded to go find my spot in the pit. I looked at my ticket and when I got to the pit, Aubree had beaten me to it. We were right there in the front row of the pit, it couldn't have gotten any better!

"How was it?" Aubree asked me

"It was so good! It really felt like we were staring into each others eyes for years on end I don't know why but it seemed as if we knew each other" I kept banking in until the concert was about to start and when I finally finished talking, Aubree said in a high pitched voice "love at first sight" and she nudged me with her elbow as if she was teasing me. Justin came out 10 minutes late and when he did he looked right at me, took out a folded piece of paper and handed it right to me! I held on to it so tight I'm surprised it didn't disintegrate in my hand. I put it in the front zipper of my purse without even reading what it said because I didn't want to drop it. What did it say? My temptation to read it ate me alive but with 50 psycho fans around me, I didn't want to take any chances of loosing it or having it stolen. I'd just have to wait.

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