Little White Lies: A Harry Styles Love Story

Anna and Harry had a past and Anna had done everything in her power to forget about him. But when he comes back into her life, and they rekindle what they had, things of downhill for both Anna's mental health and for Harry's career.


2. Mistakes


*Harry's POV*


I walked into Ellis' house and I immediately regretted that decision. There were a few people I was looking forward to talking to but the rest were just rude ignorant people I never wanted to see again. The only reason I said yes to coming was because I thought that maybe Anna would be here, but after my emotional encounter with Anna I remembered that she and Ellis hate each other. I couldn't get her face out of my mind and I felt extremely guilty. I didn't want it to go that way, that's why I never went before that. I just thought that enough time had passed and that maybe she wouldn't be mad, but she was. Not only was she mad, she was furious, and crying, boy was she crying. I should have called her, I should have made some sort of effort to see her but I needed to let things subside before I could. didn't work.

I felt a pair of arms around of body and I cleared my head to see the familiar blonde head attached to me. I said hello to Ellis and she carried on about how tall I've gotten and how attractive I am and blah blah blah. All I wanted to do was grab a drink and sit outside for a while. So I pushed her away nicely, avoided the chatty and eager people just waiting to talk to me, and made my way to her backyard. It was cold but didn't care.

I sat down on her back porch and gazed up at the stars. I began to think about how beautiful Anna looked earlier. I missed her bright blue eyes and her wavy brown hair. I missed her shy girly-ness and how she would show her emotions for only a minute at a time. I miss the way she would make me laugh with just one word and how she could make me happier than anyone else could. I laughed to myself and decided to go back inside. I searched the room for Anna's neighbor John and found him in the corner talking to Marisa. I pulled him aside, "Hey Harry! How's your life been? Busy I bet,"


"Yea...busy." I said, quickly wanting to get to the point. "How's Anna been?" I asked and I felt my stomach knot up.


"Well, she's kind of been kind of weird since you left. You know, everyone has been wondering what happened between you two. Everyone knows that you guys stopped talking and stuff like that." I bit my lip and shoved my hands in my pockets. "She stopped playing...and she had distanced herself from a lot of people...But otherwise, she's been the same. You know she's moving to London?" My eye grew big. Her being closer to me means I have a chance of talking to her and seeing her again. I smiled at John, thanked him and walked away. I looked at the time and I figured I had stayed long enough, a half hour was good. I made my way to the door when Malorie, a family friend stopped me. She was someone I never minded talking to and I was glad she had come to talk to me. I greeted her with a hug and a friendly kiss on the cheek. We talked for a while, exchanged numbers and eventually parted ways. I finally was able to leave the party and I drove to my mums house. I spent the night there before having to go back to London. As much as I miss it in Cheshire, I was glad to get back to London because I had two weeks off and I could maybe try to patch up mine and Anna's friendship.

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