Little White Lies: A Harry Styles Love Story

Anna and Harry had a past and Anna had done everything in her power to forget about him. But when he comes back into her life, and they rekindle what they had, things of downhill for both Anna's mental health and for Harry's career.


6. Goodbye You: Filler

Goodbye You

*1 week later*

I've decided to give up on the whole Anna thing. I messed her up and now she will forever hate me, it's time that I accept it and move on.

It's almost Christmas and I had nothing done, my house wasn't even decorated and I didn't even know how I was going to get that done with a broken hand, so I called over a friend of mine. Shannon had agreed to come help me, I could use a nice talk with an honest girl. We've been friends for a while now and I can positively say I tell her everything. She knows the ins and outs of me...just like Anna used to.

She walked in just as I emptying a few boxes. I gave her a friendly kiss on the cheek and she immediately began helping me with my tree. That's all I felt like doing this year, I wasn't going to be home for Christmas so what's the point. I hated my house and if I could, I would move in a heartbeat but I've don't have the time to find a new home. "Just a tree this year?" She asked as we attached the limbs to the fake tree.

"I can't be bothered with everything this year." Shannon stopped and gave me a confused look. She knew something was up.

"That doesn't sound like you, Harry. Is something up?" She held my hand and looked me in the eyes. I haven't told her about Anna coming over yet and I wasn't really planning on it but I guess I'm gonna have to. Yet somehow I knew that if I told her, she wouldn't approve and I just couldn't handle that right now.

"No, everything's fine...why?" I lied right to her face and I felt terrible for doing it.

"Oh okay, I was just wondering."

*Anna's POV*

After a week of contemplating, I realized that he wasn't in the wrong...I was. He apologized, he told me why he did what he did and yet I still treated him like he was the bad guy.

After numerous phone calls with my best friend, Nicky, I knew what I had to do but it wasn't that easy to convince myself to do it. I had to apologize to him. I couldn't just leave it alone. He was in love with me and I just yelled at him and told he that he was wrong. I crushed him and he probably hates me.

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