Baby Payne

This is my first story so be nice to me please.

Hi my name is Lea and I have a baby girl her name is Rachel. Rachel has no father because well her father does not know about Rachel. Her father is Liam Payne yes that's right Liam Payne from One Direction. What happens when One direction goes door to door to sell something? Will Liam find out about his 2 years old daughter? Read the story to find out.


3. prologue

It has been 2 years since I have seen liam and he broke my heart it really does still hurt me but I have a little baby girl and she is almost 2 years old her name is Rachel. When ever I see Rachel I think back to that night were Liam broke up with my.



  Liam was supposed to come today at 12 but he didn't I have been waiting 2 months for liam and tell him that I am pregnant of 8 weeks but he isn't home yet. I started making dinner and when it was done I heard the front door open and close and the next thing I saw it was liam. Liam had said that he needed to talk to me I mean we have been together for 6 years so I thought he was going to propose but I got the complete opposite we sat on the couch in the living room and he didn't even look at me we both said at the same time that we needed to tell each other something but of course me being me I let him go first. He told me thathe found somebody else while away on tour and that he doesn't love me any more and that we need to break up; with that my heart fell and questions started running threw my head like what will I do I cant abort or anything and I will not do adoption. After he said all he had to say I sat their and started crying and I stood up slapped him in the face really hard (it even hurt my hand) and ran out.

                                                                       Liam's pov

After I told broke up with Lea she started crying and mumbling I cold only catch small parts of it like what, about, baby, I didn't really understand why though so I just pushed it out of my head and then she slapped me with all of her might and ran out of the house. I decided to go and look around to see if I could find anything and I saw a picture of an ultrasound and their was a note on it for her it said "Lea remember when Liam comes back come and get this and it to him" I was now very confused but I decided to open it anyway and what I found shocked me it was of an ultrasound and it had the patints name on the top and what it said surprised me it said "Lea Michele" I looked at the picture and saw that it was a baby. After I saw that I swore to myself to go and find Lea and be in the babies life.


Flashback ended

It has been 2 years and I still haven't seen him and he doesn't know hopefully if he does he probably has forgotten all about that and is living his life. Yea I heard he was engaged to that slut that he met on tour 2 years ago and the person who made him break up with me. I went into Rachels room with my phonee and took a picture and poster it to twitter and I captioned it with  ~~@msleamichele look at my baby girl sleep she is so adorable I love her so much.XX

After that I got 4 notifications and who did those schocked me it was 4/5ths of one direction. I can not believe I had forgot that about them following me and the notifications read

@Louis_Tomlinson She is so adorable. Can I come meet her soon and see you.

@harry_styles Who is her dad and whats her name.

@niallofficial she looks better then Nandos. How old is she?

@zaynmalik1D can me, Louis, harry, and niall come to visit you so we can meet this princess.


I decided to respond to all of them.

@zaynmalick1D @niallofficial @harry_styles @Louis_Tomlinson I would love it if you guys came over to see me and meet my little princess, I will DM you my address.

After that I closed twitter and to my surprise Rachel was up and crying which I didn't hear.


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