Baby Payne

This is my first story so be nice to me please.

Hi my name is Lea and I have a baby girl her name is Rachel. Rachel has no father because well her father does not know about Rachel. Her father is Liam Payne yes that's right Liam Payne from One Direction. What happens when One direction goes door to door to sell something? Will Liam find out about his 2 years old daughter? Read the story to find out.


14. Chapter 7



Ounce I got their I sung 'On my own' and read from the script ounce I was done I left the to go home and see the boys and Rachel.

*skip to home*

I walked into the house and got bombarded by questions and I had to yell on the top of my lungs EVERYBODY BE QUIET then their was Rachel who said after everybody shut up mommy I love you and I hope you got the part and after she  said that I got a call from Ryan Murphy.


R- hello Lea

L- Hello Ryan

R- Have some excellent news for you.


R- Congradulations Ms. Lea Michele you got that part as Rachel Berry in the new show Glee.


R- yep you did

L- Thank you so much Ryan this means everything to me

*end of convo*

                                                                     Liam's POV

Lea left the room to answer the phone and I heard her scream 'OMG I ACTUALLY GOT THE PART' and I knew that she would be moving to LA with my baby girl so I knew I would have to figure out a way for her to stay in my life because I love her. All the boys looked at me like are you ok and I just nodded and I looked at the little girl in my arms and I told her to go run to mommy and tell her congradulations and Rachel went sprinting to her mommy. A few minutes later both of my girls waked in with big smiles on their faces so I walked over and kissed my lovely girlfriend and daughter. Lea went to go get something to drink so while she left the room I called simon to tell him the good news.


I am so sorry I have not updated I have been super duper bus with starting High School and somebody Targeting me so I kinda forgot about this for awhile cause I have been super stress but I am on Fall Break for 2 weeks so I will be updating a lot in the next 2 weeks and also this story right now takes place in London,England but I am American so I don't know what you would call or say for a lot of things so please remember right now the story takes place in England.

I Love You All and stay beautiful.

-The author <3

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