Loki Love Story

This is a love story about Loki brother of Thor and when he is in jail for you know trying to take over the earth he has a visitor a special visitor...


1. The Beginning.

I'm tired hungry and messed up.I and a monster and a horrible being...Thats what kept repeating in my head as my brother Thor son of Oden,walked past my cell to see me a complete mess.

"brother you have a visitor" Thor chanted

" I don"t need visitors."

" She insists"

*in walks a young goddess*

"hello Loki,nice to see you,you look eurhmm well?I'm Jade goddess of light and energy."

"Go away your friends probably put you up to this anyway I don't need you here." 

"well im here to stay weather you like it or not.I thought you may need a friend of acquaintance instead of reading dull book all day for the rest of your being."

"Very well,wast your time here and rot with me if you with but know this i will not change if you try to change me."

*Loki thows desk across room*

*Jade is Startled and heads toward the door saying*

"Well I must be going Farewell."

"come back tomarrow?"loki questioned


Loki whispers under his breath"I know you will"

How was That????


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