Don't Leave me ..

Please read first chapter I tried my best
No HATE !!!!! Please
This story is about a girl named Demi when she soon realizes that the person whole stole her from school one day happens to be the boy she falls In love with


1. The morning before ........

It was another normal day, I woke up got dressed and headed down stairs. As usual no one was home and that meant I was left alone... Again and that I had no ride for school today. So,I decided to call my friend Aryana.

"Hey my parents aren't home.....again can you take me"? I asked

"Sure meet you in 10 later " she said

"Thanks" and then I hung up.

While I was alone I forgot I had homework last night......shit ....I just decided since my life already sucked at school with the teachers and kids that this was gonna make it worse.

(Ten minutes later)

"Thanks for picking me up I really didn't wanna walk" I said

"No problem now let's go before we're late"

On the way to school Aryana started playing some 104.3 and our favorite song came on so like we usually do when this song comes on we start singing like little girls and before we knew it we were there.

Me and Aryana only had two classes together and that wasn't until later so for the begging of the day I was going to be left alone.

I barely made it to first until, so like I normally do I went to my seat and sat there so no one could see me.....hopefully.....

I was still in the middle of class when all of a sudden I hear a gunshot , the class goes quiet

Then another one and a scream coming from a girl that wasn't far away from the class room

Miss.Henderson told the class to go against the wall so we would be able to be seen

Most of my classmates started crying knowing that we could die today without saying goodbye to our loved ones , one girl even started to just cry and cry just because she never got to meet her favorite band "One direction" (mostly the whole class of girls were crazy for them). But I didn't have to worry about anything cause I knew if I died nobody would care.

Then I started to think........I'm to young to die I have a full life ahead of me it's not time to leave"

I could finish until I feel someone's hand grad me from the wrist and drag me to the front of the school. I tried to scream and make the person let go but I couldn't the grip was too strong ...soon did I know I was in the back of a car panicking ,scared but that's when I hear a voice coming from the front seat

"Don't worry Demi your safe with me just calm down" it said

Now I knew it was time to stop being scared I knew that voice sounded familiarly but I jut couldn't put my brain on who it was

I was still scared cause I knew I was in for an adventure .......................................

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