you have changed (


1. Chapter 1

Justeins P.O.V

I strolled through the halls at school gripping my book tight and warily looking around, it seemed like everyones conversations were aimed at me. I felt so alone

I hated this walk through to first period, it was only short but i felt so isolated.. I guess, I like being alone sometimes, but alone by yourself and being alone in a crowded room..right?

Finally, I joined me best, and only friend amber in Art.

Hey Justein! She chirped, her brown hair flicking a round so her hazzel eyes met mine.

I guess i should tell you about myself? My name is Justeins, Im 17 and from bristol. Im not tall but not short. I have blonde hair and blue eyes.

we walked into the art room. i sat nexts to louis. louis tomlinson. he's the most popular boy in school, and i dont pretend not too know why? Hes absolutely stunning! but he hardly even acknowledges me

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