Running Away From The Fear..... Was My Biggest Mistake

Juliet Rome is I'm high school. She is 18 years old. Her mom dies and she has to go live with her aunt Denise wich is really mean to her along with her kids except one Lucy. She is left alone her aunt Denise hates her and DOESINT care what they do. But five special guests come. Does she have a brother or not??
Find out what happenes in Running Away From The Fear.... Was My Biggest Mistake!!!!


3. Chapter 3:

Juliet's POV: 

I woke up in a strange room then I remembered I was in my famous brothers house. Last I REMEBERED I fell asleep in the living room on top of zayn. Mabye he carried me here?. I checked if I was wearing my same clothes from yesterday. Oh good he didint put me pjs because he would see my body it's like I'm not insecure with my body but like he see me naked changing me. Gross. I went downstairs. Perrie was here watching tv. " hey gurls come sit" she said. I nodded and sat down next to her. " so what have you been doing " she asked. " sleeping " I answered. She laughed. " ill be back I'm going to see where is zayn he was here three seconds ago" she said. I nodded. I watched the news. " ok so here is New one zayn malik reportedly seen with another girl hugging her and protecting her from her aunt " the news said. " do you guys think zayn got a new girl or do you think he is cheating on zayn " the news reporter said. " oh sweetie " perrie said hugging me. " come on zayn will clear it up on twitter " she said. I nodded and walked with her. " zayn did you post it now " perrie asked him once we reached his room. He nodded. " but fans already replied saying youre lying you're just protecting her and stuff " he said. Tears swelled up but I didn't cry. I looked at his room. Then his bandmates came in rushing. " fans giving you hate " Harry asked. I nodded. He gave me a hug. All the boys were shirtless. I noticed Harry had four nipples. He has abs and muscles he has a good body. I like Harry. I am falling for him and I barly got here yesterday. " my face is up here " Harry said smirking. " huh what I'm sorry " I said sounding totally stupid. He laughed. "I'm going to the backyard I know where it is " I said. I walked out and went downstairs and to the backyard. There backyard was huge with a giant pool and jacuzzi and diving boards. A medium sized bar for drinking. And more stuff. I decided to practice gymnastics. I take gymnastics well I don't know right now that I moved but I will practice. I did a back flip and a front flip. I did the bridge and I did a cartwheel. I also did the head stand. I was going to do more when Harry walks in clapping. " they all left they said I have to take care of you " he said. " where did they go?" I asked scared of what he can do. " to the store to buy food." He said. I nodded. " and they were going to go and talk about the whole thing about you " he said. I nodded once more. He came over and grabbed my hand harshly and turned me over so he was hugging me. " you're so fine Juliet youre mine you will always be mine and don't tell anything to nobody neither you're parents or you're brother " he said sending chills down my spine. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and left. I heard the door open and zayn and the boys coming inside. Even from the backyard I could here the paparazzi. I can't take it anymore it was first I was zayn's girlfriend but I'm his sister now Harry. I went to the living room and opened the door and went outside zayn was following me. Paparazzi was snapping pictures of us. " juliet did you get mad at your boyfriend " a pap screamed. I stood in my place and turned around. " he isn't my FUCKING BOYFRIEND " I screamed. "HE IS MY BROTHER " I screamed again. Zayn backed away and went inside. Harry was behind me. " touch me again styles and you'll pay for it " I said walking away. 

Zayns POV:

I send Harry to stop her. But she just screams a him. " TOUCH ME AGAIN STYLES AND YOU'LL PAY FOR IT " she screamed. What was that about. " Harry what did you do to her " I said getting angry. " nothing " he said and ran to his room. 

Juliet's POV:

I walked and walked I saw a stray dog with a two baby puppies. That's so cute. I went over and pet them. I picked up the mom and then the 2 puppies I could tell they were stray they were so dirty. I decided to keep them. I went to the store and asked if they needed a box they said no and gave me a huge box. I went to the pet store and bought some doggy food and some three blankets and a water and food bowl. I checked the money I had for my self I had barley to buy a little food. I went to the grocery story and bought food witch meant I had no money left. I walked back to wear I live now. I opened the door and slammed it shut. They boys were sitting there. " July come and sit " zayn said. " no why would i " i said. I went upstairs with the box and the bags. I hid the dogs and my food under my bed. I went to my own shower in my room and took the dirty puppies for a shower. I noticed they were huskys. I think the bigger one Wasint there mom I think it's the oldest. After I sat on my bed with them and gave them food. I had a mini fridge in my room and a microwave. I put some waffles in the microwave, and got a coke from the mini fridge. I locked my room door. I also got some training pads for the dogs so I don't have to take the, outside and look at everybody. *knock knock * I heard someone knock. " go away " I yelled. " July it's perrie " perrie screamed. " still go away " I yelled. I heard her sigh and walk away. I stood up and grabbed my waffles.  After I drifted to sleep once more.

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