Running Away From The Fear..... Was My Biggest Mistake

Juliet Rome is I'm high school. She is 18 years old. Her mom dies and she has to go live with her aunt Denise wich is really mean to her along with her kids except one Lucy. She is left alone her aunt Denise hates her and DOESINT care what they do. But five special guests come. Does she have a brother or not??
Find out what happenes in Running Away From The Fear.... Was My Biggest Mistake!!!!


1. Chapter 1:

Juliet's POV:
I entered the church, afraid to see what I was about to see. I went further inside the church when I see my mom in the coffin. She was dead. I started to cry at the sight of seeing her. I went up to her and saw her face. It was pale, suddenly EVRYONE grew quiet because the preacher was coming. They closed the coffin and started the prayers. I cried and cried. " I love you mom " I said once I had the opportunity to touch her coffin. " I will be alone because I don't have you or my dad, I know you will be happy up there with god and my dad... Rest in peace " I said still through tears. Why did he have to go if that stupid car never hit my dad he would still be here. And if that stupid pills that my mom had taken that the doctor gave her she would never be here in this stupid coffin. It was time to go to the cemetery and I kept crying all the way. This is not fare I d t have no one to go with. Should I tell my aunt she is here. I went over and tapped on my aunt Denise's shoulder. She immeadialty looked up. " yes honey " she said I. Between sobs. " umm aunt Denise I'm only 18 were am I supposed to go" I said still crying. " I know honey umm well I will put you in a adoption center " my aunt Denise said. I thought she was going to say I could stay with her but no I was wrong. So wrong. I never liked my aunt Denise that much also she would always let her her kids hit me and she would never say anything to them except thier father. The next day my aunt took me to the adoption center. " oh sorry she can't come here she is way too older than the other kids that are here" the lady at the desk said. I couldive swore I heard my aunt Denise say " shoot ". I sighed and walked out. I didn't wait for my aunt. I just kept on walking. I walked over to the cemetery where my mom and dad were now they were close to each other well next to each other I should say. Tears were streaming down my face once I saw thier grave. " Juliet what the hell are you doing here " I heard my aunt say. " visiting " I said. " you can't visit often you have to let thier spirits rest " my aunt said. " they want me to be here " I said back a bit annoyed that she didn't leave me alone to see my parents. " oh honey I know you miss you're parents but you're 18 you got to move on " she said back I was still annoyed with her because she was trying to make me leave my parents grave. " no aunt Denise it DOESINT mean I'm 18 and I have to get over them it DOESINT mean I won't miss them because I will miss them I'm feeling the same way you did when youre mom died " I screamed. " oh you little brat you can't TALK T ME IN THAT WAY TOU GOT IT BRAT " she screamed while pulling on my hair. " watch the pills didn't kill you're mom or the car that hit you're dad Wasint the person you think it was the person that did all of those things was me I was the one that killed youre parents brAt" she said. I had more tears. I got up and ran I felt my aunt running with me but she was slower than me. I ran to my house. I locked all the doors and windows just in case my aunt comes. I went up to my room I got out my money suitcase I've been saving up just in case for a emergency that we need by now I have $700 dollers it's not much but for me to survive. I went to my moms room and got out her money suitcase she had less than me but it was still enough she had $450 but it was still fine. I heard the door downstairs open I wonder how if I closed them all. " you little brat come out come out where ever you are " I heard my aunts voice call. I went downstairs, I was dumb. " oh there you are go pack you're moving in with me" my aunt said. She slapped me because I didn't go so I went and packed I hid the money inside my boots and I put them in a suitcase. I had my stuff ready. We got to my aunts house and she opened the door. There was a party in there. " aunt Denise?" I asked. " yes Hun are you wondering about the party " she said. I nodded. " my daughter is throwing a party. " Lucinda " she called for my cousin. She came out. " hi July " Lucy said. She was my favorite cousin because she is nice and she DOESINT like my aunt either even though its her mom. " are you throwing the party?" I asked. She nodded. She went over to a guy and then kissed him. I wish I still had my boyfriend. I sighed once more. My aunt showed me to my room. It was small but pretty. " you will be able to do anything in this house but don't break anything, and don't get on my bad side" my aunt said. I nodded. I heard a knock on my door. " come in " I said. It was Lucy. " hey come down for the party " she said. " I don't have anything to wear" I said back. " come let's see what you have In you're suitcase. I showed her and she pulled out a top I had that I didn't think I had. Well she pulled out clothes. It was a strapless shirt and short shirts with flats. She straitened my hair really fast and then she did my makeup fast also and I put on earrings that she let me borrow. We went downstairs. Everyone stared at me I looked at Lucy nervously. I got some whistles I was walking with Lucy. I felt someone touch my ass I looked back it was a dude with curly hair. I told Lucy and she said he is famous. I heard whispers. " she looks like zayn malik " I heard. I kept hearing that then Lucy turned to me and stared at me. " you do look like zayn malik from one direction. Do you know who is one direction?" She asked, I nodded I never knew I looked like him. She got a microphone and speaked. " could we have the one direction boys up here well umm in the back yard" Lucy speaked. We went to the back hard and there was a medium size stage wich surprised me. Damn there rich. I went up with Lucy and then the boys were already there. " who thinks she looks like zayn malik raise you're hand" Lucy said. I was exited to see the famous band. I looked over at zayn he looked confused. Harry kept staring at me. Everyone raised thier hand. Lucy got her phone and dialed someone. " hello can a doctor come over here to have some blood taken out to see if some people are brother and sister.... Ok thank you" she said and hung up. " some doctor is coming to take a blood test to see if you are or not because people have thier doubts" she told everyone. Soon a doctor came he took a needle and stuck it in to my arm it hurt like a pinch but not that much then it was zayn's turn it didn't even look like it hurt him. We parted and then the doctor came back and told the results to Lucy only Lucy. 
" LUCYYY WHAT ARE THE RESULTS " everyone screamed except me and the boys. 
" the results are.......

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