Afraid to Love

Angela Colonna seems to be the perfect girl, but she has a not so perfect backround. Angela doesnt think she can ever love again then Harry Styles comes along


18. Wake Up Please

The ambulance pulled into the E.R parking lot and rushed Harry inside. I followed them as far as I could until one of the doctors stopped me in my tracks. " Sorry miss but i cant let you go any further at the moment." i tried pushing past her. "Miss please sit in the waiting room, just until they have him settled into a room. Then i promise you can see him." I walked away and took a seat in the waiting room. I sat in my chair for fifteen minutes hysterically crying before the same doctor walked over to me. "You can go see him now, he is in room 272" she gave me a small smile and i ran to the elevator. I pushed the buttons over and over again until i reached Harry's floor. I ran down the hallways reading the numbers as i moved. I bursted through Harry's door. I looked down at the bed, Harry was laying there his chest moving up and down. Harry had a million wires connected to him, he still was cut and bruised all over. But at least now there wasnt any blood dripping from his face. I sat down in the chair closest to the bed and grabbed onto Harry's hand again, his hands were cold against mine but i didnt care. I laid my head down on his chest and listened to his soft breaths. This reminded me of the other night when i fell asleep in this position. I thought about my relationship with Harry. I remembered how much i thought i hated him, how the hate disappeared that night at Niall's party, the beach, our first date. Every memory flashed through my head. I started to cry a little, gripping onto Harry's hand tighter then before. My head was moving up and down on Harry's chest, my sobs muffled by the blanket that laid across Harry.
I heard the door swing open, I quickly popped my head up and wiped away my tears. I saw Louis and the other boys walk in the room. I tried to hold myself together so i wouldnt have to cry in front of the boys, but when i saw a tear roll down Louis face i started crying again. I ran out of the room and ran outside the doors of the E.R and i sat on the sidewalk. I was trying to think about why Harry left school and was speeding down the highway. Then it hit me. I knew that Harry saw Liam kiss me. Harry was driving away from the school because he saw Liam kissing me. Guilt washed over me and i started crying my eyes out even harder. My guilt and sadness turned into anger. If Liam didnt kiss me Harry would be okay. We wouldnt be at the hospital. This is all Liams fault. I jumped off the sidewalk and ran back to Harry's room, I threw myself through the door and walked straight to Liam. "Why the fuck did you kiss me you asshole, this is all your fucking fault. If Harry didnt see us kiss then he wouldnt have left the school at all, and he wouldnt be laying in a fucking hospital bed!" I scream this at Liam at the top of my lungs. Louis grabbed my waist and sat down on the floor, pulling me down onto  his lap. Zayn took Liam out of the room. My anger dissolved and i was hysterically crying again. My head was against Louis shoulder in between cries i said "why isnt he waking up Louis? Please make him wake up" The thought of Harry not waking up made me shake. I needed him to wake up. Without him i would die.

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