Afraid to Love

Angela Colonna seems to be the perfect girl, but she has a not so perfect backround. Angela doesnt think she can ever love again then Harry Styles comes along


11. Surprise!

The day was finally over, well the school day was at least. My work day was just about to begin. When i got home from school i changed into plain jeans, a black top, and black converse. I tied my apron around my waist, and stuck on the name tag that read in big bold letters "ANGELA".  I walked down the streets until i reached the diner, i was right on time for my shift. I was getting my notepad, and pen when someone yelled out "Angela Colonna you got your first table!!!" I groaned quietly and headed out onto the floor and went off to serve my first customers. A big goofy Harry-like smile spread across my face when i saw Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn sprawled out in a big booth. I couldnt hold back my giggles and neither could the guys when i said my line " Hi my name is Angela and i'll be your waitress today, can i get you something to  drink?" i didnt want to say this, but it was the number one rule of being a waitress! After each of the boys told me what they wanted to drink in between giggles i went to the kitchen and loaded the cups onto a tray and raised it above my head. I walked back to their table praying not to drop the cups and embarrass myself. I placed all the drinks down in front of the boys and then took their orders. I was working around the diner taking care of other customers, waiting for my shift to be over so i could go home. Harry and the boys were still eating so i figured they would be here until my shift was over, they were eating as slow as snails.
~Harrys POV~
When i walked into the diner with the boys, i couldnt wait to see Angela in her little work uniform. The hostess lead us to a big booth. I heard people calling Angela's name and seconds later she walked out onto the floor. When our eyes connected the biggest smile appeared on her face. I wish i couldve taken a picture of it. She looked absolutely gorgeous.  She approached our table and said to us in between her giggles "Hi my name is Angela and i'll be your waitress today can i get you something to drink?" As soon as those words left her mouth, i exploded with laughter. Once we had our food and drinks she scurried off to wait on other tables. The boys were having some deep conversation about Perrie and Giulianna but i didnt care. I was watching Angela. I liked to watch her when she didnt notice me. I liked watching how she walked, how her lips moved when she was talking to customers, i noticed that when she wrote down orders her hair slipped out of her bun and fell into her eyes sometimes. everything about her fascinated me. 
~Angela's POV~
When my shift was ending, the boys were paying their bill. They offered to drive me home. I gladly accepted not wanting to walk all the way home.  I sat next to Harry in the car and he had his hand on my  knee rubbing tiny  circles the whole time. Zayn parked his car in front of my house, I thanked all the boys for surprising me today and went into my house. I changed into my  pajamas and fell asleep quickly after deciding to skip gymnastics today. Tomorrow was my date with Harry and i didnt wanna look tired and ugly. I needed as much "beauty sleep" as i could get.

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