Afraid to Love

Angela Colonna seems to be the perfect girl, but she has a not so perfect backround. Angela doesnt think she can ever love again then Harry Styles comes along


14. Perfect Moment

I woke up on Harry's couch the next morning in the same position i fell asleep in. I was on top pf Harry, his arms were wrapped all around me. I smiled as i watched Harry's chest move up and down with every breath he took. The smile on my face disappeared instantly when i checked the time. Ten o'clock, school started three hours ago. I ruffled my hands through Harry's hair trying to wake him up, when that didnt work i pressed my lips against his. It's safe to say he was awake and kissing back. Before the kiss turned into making out, I pulled away and told Harry we missed the first three lessons. Harry didnt seem as worried as I was. I was rushing around trying to find my clothes so we could get to school by lunch when i heard Harry yell from the next room. "Cant we just skip school today, we already missed most of our classes." I have never skipped a day in my life and i wasnt ready to start. "Absolutely not" I replied. I felt hands on my hips. I looked up into the mirror in front of me and saw Harry standing behind me. Harry's hands were moving up and down my sides, his hands went to the bottom of my shirt and he quickly took it off leaving me in sweatpants and a bra. Harry suddenly lifted me off the ground and threw me over his shoulder, running up the stairs with me screaming in his ear. Harry ran into his bedroom and tossed me on the bed like i was weightless. I tried to stand up but Harry held me down. "Harry what are you trying to do?" He smirked down at me "Agree to skip school with me Angela. I promise we can do anything you want" I thought about it for a minute " I wanna go to  the beach" he jumped up and down in excitement like a child. Harry changed into his shorts for the beach, but was still shirtless. We got into his car and drove to my house. Harry begged for me to let him choose my bikini. After he held up the smallest one he could find I took the basket away from him. I sorted through all the bikinis, I picked the light blue one with pink stripes on it. I walked into the bathroom and changed. I pulled on a pair of high waisted shorts and slipped black flip flops on my feet. I decided not to wear a shirt because i simply didnt feel like it. During the car ride we had all the windows down, and we had the radio blasting music as loud as it could. Even though the ride was short i felt like i was in the car forever. When we got to the beach i jumped out of the car and ran through the empty parking lot onto the sand. There wasnt many people there because it was Wednesday at twelve o'clock. Most people were at either school or work. I ran down the beach to the water, i stood with my arms stretched open feeling the breeze race through my body. I stood like that for a while, staring out at the sea.
~Harry's POV~
I watched Angela take off, running the water. When she got to the edge off the ocean she raised her arms. I walked up next to Angela and looked at her. I was wondering  what she was thinking about when she randomly blurted out " I wonder how many sea turtles there are in this entire ocean." I laughed to myself and replied "probably a lot" she looked at me and smiled. I wish i couldve taken a picture of her right then, in that moment she was the most beautiful thing on the planet. The sun was shining down on her, making her face glow, she was smiling so big that her small dimples were showing. She was so unbelievably perfect. That was the moment i fell in love with her. I am in love with Angela Colonna.  Angela bent down and lifted some water into her hands, she was smirking to herself. She suddenly threw the water at me, as soon as the water hit my face she was laughing uncontrollably. I glared at her with an evil look on my face, still laughing she took off running as fast as she could. I chased after her, when i finally caught her she was still laughing but now she was out of breath. She took her shorts off and jumped on my back. I ran into the water, we were both laughing so hard that she fell off my back making a splash. When she resurfaced, she threw more water in my direction. We spent most of the day playing on the beach. At about four o'clock we decided to leave. Angela had work at five so we went to the pizza place near the diner. After we ate our pizza, talked and laughed about our time at the beach, I drove Angela to her house so she could change, then dropped her off at work. I gave her a kiss goodbye. Angela said "Thank you for today Harry, I had a great time." I replied " Of course Angela, i'll pick you up before school tomorrow" she smiled at me then waved goodbye as she walked into the diner. I drove home thinking about how much she meant to me. I was really in love with this girl. 

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