Afraid to Love

Angela Colonna seems to be the perfect girl, but she has a not so perfect backround. Angela doesnt think she can ever love again then Harry Styles comes along


17. Highway 64

I was on my way to gym when my phone started ringing. It was Harry, I answered the phone.
Me: Harry! Thank god your okay! Where the fuck are you?!
Police Officer: Hello miss, um is this Angela?
Me: Yes who is this, wheres Harry?
Police Officer: Im officer James Matthews, Harry got into a car accident on highway 64. The accident was pretty bad, you might want to get down here fast.
Me: I'll be there right away.
I started crying hysterically, i ran into the girls bathroom. I sunk to the floor. I figured out what I needed to do. I needed to get to Harry. I ran out of the bathroom and ran straight into Louis. Thank god, he was exactly the person i needed to see. Louis smiled at me but his smiling face turned into a face of worry."Angela what happened?!" I started sobbing again i whispered in between sobs "Harry, car accident. Take me to highway 64 right now." Without any other words said Louis was speeding down the road rushing to get us to Harry. 
When we arrived to highway 64 we saw millions of ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars. I looked around the scene, my eyes were searching frantically for Harry from behind the police tape, that was blocking anyone from entering. I saw Harry. The paramedics were trying to pull him out of his car. The car was smushed and smoking. They got Harry out of the car and strapped him onto the stretcher. I ran under the police tape and pushed through the officers to Harry. Blood was dripping down the side of his head. His face was covered in scratches and bruises. I fell down onto my knees with my head in my hands, crying my eyes out. I was lifted up by police officers, "Im sorry miss but you cant be near the scene right now" I pushed them off of me " I dont care, im not leaving his side. I love him and im not leaving him." i screamed at them. They decided to let me stay with Harry, seeing how devastated i was. I ran up to Harry again. The paramedics started to roll the stretcher into the ambulance, i followed them and sat in the ambulance next to Harry's stretcher. Louis told me that he had to get back to school and tell the other boys, and that they would be at the hospital later. Louis disappeared from the ambulance and i turned to Harry. The ambulance started moving. I wiped off the blood that was still dripping from the gash on his forehead with my sleeve. I quickly kissed Harry on the lips. I held onto Harry's hand the whole ride to the hospital, quietly praying that this boy, the love of my life would be alright.

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