Afraid to Love

Angela Colonna seems to be the perfect girl, but she has a not so perfect backround. Angela doesnt think she can ever love again then Harry Styles comes along


12. Call You Mine

Harry took my hand and led me to a table on the beach. We walked down the beach holding hands until we reached the table. Candles surrounded the table and there were plates filled of chicken, pasta, and a variety of vegetables. He pulled my seat out for me just like a gentleman would then he took his seat across from me. This was far beyond what i expected from Harry tonight. Harry, the sunset, the waves crashing, nothing could make this night any better. After we both ate our food Harry grabbed my hand and we started walking down the beach. I left my heels at the table so i would be able to actually walk. We walked for about ten minutes talking about basically anything before Harry grabbed my waist trying to be romantic. It wouldve been very romantic if i wasnt so damn ticklish, once Harry discovered i was ticklish around my waist he got a devious look in his eyes and i knew i had to run fast...
~Harry's POV~
I thought now seemed like a perfect time to go in for a kiss. I wrapped my arm around Angela's waist, but she started giggling. I didnt know why until i moved my hand again and she squeaked loudly . Angela was ticklish, i tried to grab her waist again but she took off running. I chased after her, she was laughing her head off. Eventually I caught her and squeezed her waist, while kissing her cheeks. She was giggling like crazy, i found this to be adorable. Once we both settled down we laid down on the beach tired from our previous activities. Angela was sitting in between my legs, her head leaning against my chest. I gently kissed the top of her head. We stayed like this for a while me inhaling the scent of her hair, and her inhaling my cologne.
~Angela's POV~
I couldve stayed like this with Harry forever. Just sitting peacefully with each other. Of course Harry couldnt stay peaceful for long. Harry jumped up, threw me over his shoulder and ran down the beach with me kicking and screaming. Harry finally put me down and we both we laughing like crazy. Once we stopped laughing Harry stared deeply into my eyes before moving closer and closer to me. He was inches from my face our foreheads where pressed together when he softly whispered "I want to call you mine Angela, will you be my girlfriend?" I felt myself  blush and i tried to contain the butterflies in my stomach. I looked up into Harry's dark, lust-filled eyes and said "yes". Harry did that big goofy smile before he leaned down and softly pressed his lips against mine. When we separated our lips we were both smiling. Harry grabbed my hand again and we laced our fingers together, walking to the car happily. The whole ride home we talked on and on about absolutely nothing. When Harry's car pulled up to my house we both got out of the car. Harry walked me to my front door, he bent down and again connected our lips with a goodnight kiss. 

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