This girl named Cathren gets kidnapped at school. latter in the story she fids out she has meet the kidnapper an his name was Kenneth, before long she falls in love with him and the have a lot of fun together


9. PARTY!!!

            When Cathren and Taylor walk out if the house they spot Kenneth and run towards him. When they reach him Cathren asks, " where did you go?"

               "I forgot my keys at the restaurant" Kenneth replied.

               "hey, were going to a part you should come, "Taylor said to Kenneth walking toward the water. about half an hour later they reach the party.

          "now this is a party, come on" Taylor said running over there. Cathren was following Taylor when, Kenneth grabs her hand and pulls her back.

             "wait" Kenneth said in a scared voice.

              "what" Cathren said, a slow sing starts to play.

             "dance with me" Kenneth said pulling Cathren close to him. Cathren looks down and pushes back and say

               "no I cant, I ,I I.... I don't know how." Kenneth looks at her in sock as Cathren put her head down again. Kenneth grabs her hand and whispers in her ear,

          "just follow me". Cathren looks up and smiles. Kenneth grabs both of her hands and puts them on his shoulders, then places his hands gently on her hips. He sawed her back and forth pulling Cathren closer to his chest. Cathren rest  her head on Kenneth's shoulder hoping the slow song would never end.

        Once the song ended they both look up staring  into each other eyes. in that moment, Cathren felt time stop, everything freeze's. the sun was setting, it was a perfect  view, but they  went looking at the sunset. 

             "Cathren" Kenneth says

              "yeah" Cathren replied back. Kenneth replied back in a shaky voice,

              " do you, maybe............" Kenneth put his head down," nothing, never mind".  


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