This girl named Cathren gets kidnapped at school. latter in the story she fids out she has meet the kidnapper an his name was Kenneth, before long she falls in love with him and the have a lot of fun together


7. little more than freinds

       Cathren was still crying when Kenneth looks at her and says,

       "you still don't remember me, do you?"

         "what are you talking about" cathren said still crying brining her head as she wipes the tears form her eyes.

         " think really hard, you have to remember." Kenneth says grabbing her hand holding it tight. She though real hard, she soon started to cry again and says,

        "I.....I don't know, just tell me." Kenneth was disappointed that cathren didn't remember, but he decides to try one last time. Kenneth grabs Cathrens cheek and says,

       "think, remember the fair to years ago." Kenneth closes his eyes, hoping she would remember.

         "Fair" Cathren whispered to her self. she closes her eyes,and then,"I remember" she said with a smile as bright as the sun. Kenneth smiled two, he was glad Cathren remembered. Going through both of their minds was a flashback of the fair two years ago, when they first meet. Both of them where spaced of thinking of that wonderful day at the fair.

        "Know you know, that's why I took you at school that day. I was hoping you would remember once you saw me, but you didn't. I saw you and I just had to make you remember, one, last time, who I was, and how special you are to me." Kenneth said. Cathren couldn't believe it, she couldn't believe that Kenneth was the one she had been thinking about these past two years.

       "You, your the one I meet on the fairest wheel" Cathren asks.

        "when the fairest wheel was broken and we were stuck up at the top for three hours, yah" Kenneth replied laughing a little. Cathren  was amazed, she thought after the fair she would never see him again.

     Cathren thought to herself, 'this it amazing. this means something, but what'. Kenneth stood up, he walks over to the table and grabs the blanket. Cathren is still siting on the couch trying o make sense of everything. Kenneth was smiling at cathren when he put the planet on one of the spare beds.

         "I'm going to bed," Kenneth said staring at cathren who was still trying to think. Kenneth laughs before he turns around and walks onto the bedroom, then shut the door softly behind him. Kenneth sits on the bed, smiling, happy Cathren remembers him.

         After thinking everything over Cathren realizes she was tired, and wanted to go to bed. She laid in the bed thinking about that night at the fair, for some reason she couldn't get Kenneth out of her head. After a while she dozed off.....



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