This girl named Cathren gets kidnapped at school. latter in the story she fids out she has meet the kidnapper an his name was Kenneth, before long she falls in love with him and the have a lot of fun together




                  Cathren and Kenneth walk into the airport, Kenneth sees a poster with his face on it. the poster said, BEWARE OF THIS PERSON, KIDNAPPER, WANTED. Kenneth looks at the poster before he pulls it down and rips it into peaces.

                 "what was that?" Cathren said 

                  "noting important" he said turning around to hug Cathren. "i just want you to know, what ever happens, it will be OK" Kenneth said putting his head down. Cathren smiles and says,

               "as long as im with you, every thing will be perfect"Cathren smiles and hugs Kenneth. she takes his hand and they walk though security together. Kenneth was worried, he worried someone in the air port would recolonize his face.  Gladly no one did. Cathren and Kenneth were sitting down waiting for there flight to bored. Cathren's legs were thorn over Kenneth's as they wait. 

                           " are you OK Kenneth, you look down?" Cathren said trowing her hands over Kenneth's  shoulders. 

                             "fine" Kenneth said trying to hold a smile on his face.

                            "OK then, whats in the black box?" Cathren asked. Kenneth knew she wasn't giving until she found out. he put his hand in his pocket and took a beep breath.

                           "you know when we were at the beach, and i went back to the restraint...... this is why." Kenneth said as he gets on the floor on one knee when....

                           " 10:30  to Hawaii is now boarding,10:30 to Hawaii is now boarding" the intercom said. 

                            " it can wait" Kenneth said standing up, taking cathren's hand out for cathren. Cathren and Kenneth made their way to the plane, before they got on a voice yelled... 

                             "STOP", Cathren turned around, she stood their in sock for a second then quickly got behind Kenneth. He looks back as he see's several cops with guns pointing at him.

                       "how did you find me?", Kenneth ask.

                         "we tracked you" one pf the cops said.

                         "How?", Kenneth replied taking a step closer to  the cops.

                       " we when you let Cathren call her mother we were able to track the call' a cop said. Kenneth turned to look at Cathren.

                      "i had know idea they could do that, im sorry" Cathren said trying not to cry.

                       " you set me up" Kenneth said rising his voice at her, Cathren quickly replied  back,

                     "NO, i didn't, i didn't know, Kenneth, you know i wouldn't do that,"  Kenneth pulled Cathren in to a hug and whispered that it was ok. Cathren began to cry as she whispered in to kenneth's ear," run"

                       "what" Kenneth said in shock 

                       "on the count of three run, we can still get away" Cathren said hoping he would go along with her plan. Kenneth wanted to, but in that moment he realized he wanted to be with Cathren forever. Kenneth gets down on one knee and pulls the black box out of his pocket.

                   "Cathren........ i wanted to ask you this for a long time now.. will you,..............marry me" Kenneth says with a smile. Cathren just stands their for a moment in sock, then says.............

                    "yes" Cathren smiles as Kenneth stands up and hugs her 

                    "awwww" every one standing around them said.

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