Looking for the one

This is a story about a bot named Harry Styles and hes looking for the perfect one. A girl named Brianna runs along and bumps into Harry at the park. This is a super romantic story


1. Unknown

Brianna was just a normal girl who walked home everyday to and from school alone and sometimes with friends. Harry and his group just went on holiday break.  The boys stayed at harrys house with his family. One of harrys memorys in his child hood when he was young around the age of 5-8 harry would always go to the park to feed he geese at the duckpond. So did Brianna . Brianna never hurd of one direction before so she had no idea who they were. Brianna was walking around the duckpond not paying attention. Harry was too, they bumped heads together and fell. Harry gave brianna a hand up. He never seen anything so beautiful in his life. Brianna glazed into his eyes they were copper brown with a little sparkle in his eyes. Brianna got up and they said sorry to Harry. Harry said dont worry about it, do u wanna come over my place sometime. Oh yes said brianna trying to hide her excitement. Okay great wanna meet tomorrow morning at the waterfall. All harry was thinking of was her nothing but her. Brianna was thinking does he like me  we hardly know each other

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