Beautiful Monsters (A Beautiful Creatures Fan Fiction)

Some Lovers Are Meant To Be...Others Are Cursed-(Beautiful Creatures)

All Aria Turnover wants is a fresh start as a sophomore in high school and her being what she is isn't going to help. Night after night, she has the nightmares of her dying and there's always a boy, one she hasn't seen before. That is until she meets Mason Richards and they begin falling slowly, madly, deeply, helplessly in love. How do you stop a forbidden romance that wasn't supposed to happen in the first place? You can't and when you're urgent to protect your beloved, you tend to forget about the obstacles in your way...


1. Prologue

Aria Turnover jumped up again from another restless slumber.

"Not that dream again," She sighed, walking over to her tally chart and making a diagonal tick across the four she had made the nights that had passed. It's been six months since she'd started having these dreams. Coincidentally, it had also been six months since Aria had turned fourteen. Six months, half a year, a hundred and eighty-two and a half days. She'd been keeping count ever since they'd started and they'd all end in the same horrifying way. She would die and this beautiful creature in a man's form would take her up and plunge a dagger into her heart, awakening the rabbid beast hidden deep within her. She would jump up, screaming a blood curling scream before making a mark on her chart and laying back in her bed, fully consious. She pondered over what the dream meant. She knew almost everything at any given time but as of right now at three fifteen in the morning, she was completely and utterly clueless. She had to admit though that the guy in her dreams was so undeniably sexy, beautiful and rough looking. All she'd ever want to do was meet him, the man she draws nearer to every day, the man who smelt like vanilla and death. She pondered on it for a bit but decided against it. Hoping that she'd drift off into a comfortable rest she closed her eyes, only to be greeted by the same dream she tried so helplessly to get away from.....


You'd think that at three twenty on a monday morning that every school child would be asleep. Well everyone is except Mason Richards. For six months he kept having that dream. The one where he'd always plunge the dagger in the girl's heart before she transformed into a monster and lunged for his neck. He refused to fall asleep at all costs, too stubborn for his own good. He hated having that dream, waking up to feel that girl's dainty hands engraved on his neck. That girl, the one he was trying so desperately to save yet at the same time so desperately get away from. Her face was always blurred which indeed fustrated him. He had grown attached to the girl of his dreams. He loved her enough to protect her, a total stranger. A grim expression took over his face. Considering what he was, he knew he'd never get the girl and she would most likely die. Moving to Bronxville, the smallest town in Dublin County was the worst decision he'd ever made___well that his parents ever made. His parents have him on lockdown 24/7. They refuse for him to go anywhere but as of tomorrow, he'll be allowed two places: Bronxville County High School and home. As he ponders on this, he wonders what will happen tomorrow, if he will finally be accepted into a society of people. He also wonders if he will finally meet the love of his life, the mystery girl hidden by the blurred lines. As soon as the smell of apples and cinnamon enters his nose, he'll know who the girl is and maybr the dreams will stop occuring. But sadly, the little glimmer of hope he had wasn't enough to convince Mason entirely. He still had doughts. A football field of 'What If?' questions ran in a circle through his brain. Maybe I shouldn't go to the high school, he thought but it was already too late to back out. He'd go to this school with his head held high and hopefully, he'll leave the way he came. Mason never had a good school life just because he was...diffrent. He deserves a normal life just like the next guy but his parents just had to meet and fall in love like he had with the girl of his dreams. All he had to do was find the girl that smelt like apples and cinnamon. He needed to find her, the mystery girl soon before all hell broke loose.

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