Long Lost Sister

Mel has been searching for something ever since she found a paper under her moms bed


2. Frankie

I innocently went back to my room. I brought the paper. It was about 6 pm and I was hungry for dinner. I played with my nails and hair until mom called us in.

"Melanie Frankie come for dinner"

Frankie and I raced. He tripped and we laughed for a long time. Finally we ate dinner.

"Mom, Frankie can I ask you something"

"Yes sweetie" mom smiled

"Who's ariana"

"Ariana who?!" Frankie's eyes were wide.

"Our um sister" I sank in my chair.

"how do you know about her?" Mom was scared.

"Well I thought I was drawing on project paper until I turned the back." I looked around awkwardly.

"Ariana is your sister" mom said.

"Well yeah, but what happened to her?"

"She, she is in california." Mom said sad


"She's..... A singer."

"Is that why I'm not allowed on Internet or public school?"

"Yes, because she's so popular you'd be super attacked by the pap."

"Oh, well um can I meet her?"

"No it costs too much!"

"Can I at least have my iPod back."

"Fine," mom handed it over.

Then dinner was done and it was time to do some research on this Ariana. The journey would be long.

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