The day my world moved.

The day my family holiday went wrong I almost lost my world.
Everything went wrong, I was alone for so long I thought it would never end.


1. The begining

Today brings back so many memories. It was exactly a year ago I almost lost everything. It all started one June evening when father walked in with what seemed to be a very large carrier bag. Everyone was sat in the lounge where mother had told us to all round the big oak table waiting for father to come in. He came in, put down is briefcase and hung up his coat. As he walked through the dining room into the lounge, everyone was silent so all you could hear was the jingle jangle of change in his suit pocket. When he walked in he had a massive grin on his face almost like a Cheshire cat. He opened the bag and out fell lots of travel brochures, “we’re going on holiday at long last” he announced. We all just burst with joy, me and my 3 brothers; Jake, Riley and Thomas. We had been wanting to go on holiday for so long and finally here was the moment we got to choose wherever we wanted to go.
It took a long time to get the holiday sorted where we all wanted to go because this isn’t something we would do again for a very long time. Eventually we decided on Japan because we had always wanted to go there and recently my brother Thomas had started learning Japanese. Our familys never been particually well off hence why I've never been on holiday before but now things have changed, recently our great uncle passed away but left everything to us, the house, the car and all his money and father got a new job. So I guess now is a chance to change. To change everything the present and the future.

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