One Direction Preferences

Different One Direction Preferences! Its all in the title! :D


1. Preference #1 - What One Direction song he sings to you


Everything About You-

He loves single everything about you. He always reminds you how much he loves you and he's showing you this by singing to you.

"Guess I like the way you smile,

With your eyes, other guys see it but dont realise that its my my lovin!"

He sang remembering the first time you met One Direction Harry flirted with you a bit. But Niall was having none of it. "I knew you were the one from the start darlin', I was willing to fight for you. There was something special about you. It's everything u do. Aaaaw I wuv u pwincess." He hugged you tightly and looked into your eyes.

"It's everything about you you you,

Everything that you do do do,

From the way that we touch baby.

To the way that you kiss, on, me.

Its everything about you you you,

The way you make it feel knew knew knew,

Like every party is just, us, two,

And there's nothing I could point to.

It's everything about you you you,

Everything about you you you,

Its everything that you do do do,

It's everything about you."


Back For You-

One Direction have just finished their Take Me Home tour and you have only got to see Louis 16 times during the tour. Its been really hard for you because he is so irrisistable and you really need him in your life. But you two are together now watching TV, snuggled up on the sofa. You were holding onto him tightly as if you would never let him go. You let a single tear slip out from your eyes hoping Louis wouldn't notice, but he did. "Oh love, whats wrong?" He turned so that he was facing you properly looking into your eyes. "I've just missed this..." You sniffle and he cuddles you. He starts singing:

"Baby you dont have to worry,

I'll be coming back for you, back for you , back for you. You!

Lately I've been going crazy, so im coming back for you, back for you, back for you, You!"

He smiled. You swear his smile could bring world peace. "I love you baby and I've missed you more than you could know." He smiles. And before you knew it you were sound asleep in his arms once again.


They Don't Know About Us-

You have gotten so much hate. People say that him and Danielle were better than you two are, but Liam pays no attention to the hate becasue he loves you so much. He thinks that you are perfect for him and he doesnt like talking about Danielle. You wouldnt want to think about your ex though would you? No. Didnt think so. It got so hard that you just had to cry. Everyone cries so it doesnt matter if you just cry this one time. You need to let it out. You were sat on yours and Liam's king size bed, there were tissues everywhere soaked in your tears. You didnt hear the front door open and close and before you knew it Liam had walked into the room. "BABY!" He shouted and came running towards you, like full on sprint mode. "What's wrong darlin' please tell me everything! I wont judge. Oh baby please! I hate to see you cry!" He grabbed onto you, hugging you tightly. He calmed down slightly. "Please... I would do anything to make you happy again." So you told him everyhintg. Every evil thing everyone had said to you, every swear word they called you. And when you had finished your rant, he started singing.

"They dont know about the things we do,

They dont know about the 'I Love You's',

But I bet you if they only knew,

They would just be jealous of us,

They dont know about the 'Up All Night's',

They dont know I've waited all my life,

Just to find a love that feels this right,

Baby they dont know about, they dont know about us... I love you baby."

The rest of the night you watched your favorite disney movies and cuddled up together.



You two are in bed in a spooning position and he's stroking your hair gently. "I really do love you (Y/N), like... I've never ever felt as sure, as positive that I am in love with a person before, until you came along and changed all of that. And thats when i knew for sure that I was going to love you will all my heart baby girl... I mean your so beautiful..." He thought for a minute. "C'mon... Look at you." He got up, tugging you out of bed. "Nooo," you wined, "It's 11:30pm Zayn!"

"No let me show you," He puled you up and walked you over to the full length mirror in your bedroom. "Look at you darlin," he whispered, once you two were stood infront of the mirror. He was hugging you from behind so that you could only see yourself and then Zayn's face behind you. 'I'm fat' you thought. "And baby dont even think that for one second that you are fat, coz I know that's what your thinking. I mean look at yourself. How are you 'fat'?! You could never be 'fat' in my eyes. Even if you were, im not saying you are abe, but if you were we'd still be together because I love you. For you. As a person.I love every single this about you baby. Your looks are a bonus for me. You are irrisistably beautiful." That's when he started singing to you in his lovely soothing voice.

"It makes your lips, so kissable,

And your kiss, unmissable,

Your fingertips, so touchable,

And your eyes, Irrisistable.

Its in your lips and in your kiss,

Its in your touch, and your fingertips,

And its in all the things and other things that make you who you are,

And your eyes, Irrisistable."

You turned around tears in your eyes and hugged him tightly. "I love you so much babe. More than you could know." You whispered as you looked up into his georgous brown eyes and you two share a passionate kiss before you crawl back into bed and fall into a peacefull sleep.



You're on the phone to a very hormonal Harry, he's on his man period anyone could tell. He doesnt care about what anybody else has to say other than you and he has tried to hide you from his fans and the mediafor 9 months now. He just doesnt want you to have to go through all the hate. But today Harry is thinking differently.

"B b b baby come on over i dont care if people find out, da da, da da da, da da da da,

They say that we're no good together and its never gunnu work out, da da, da da da, da da da da,

But baby you, got me movin too fast,

Coz I know you wanna be bad,"

He let out a small chuckle, u could be a bad girl sometimes.

"And girl, when you're lookin like that,"

He laughed, "I know I can't see you babe but i bet you look georgous,

Da da, da da da, I can't hold back, coz you..."

He carried on singing the whole song until you agreed that you would come over to his house and show yourself to everyone.

Hey everyone! I didnt really introduce myself haha! Im Rebecca and... I guess i write these preferences when im bored :) If u have an idea for a preference, go ahead and ask me to do your idea, i wanna hear peoples amazing ideas!

I have a Wattpad acount and these preferences are on there too so its the same person, im not copying anyone. :D

My Wattpad name is BeckyBooLoves1D :)

So i guess thats me ;) enjoy the preferences xx

~ Becca xxx ;)

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