Mindtrap - For the Virtual Reality Contest

The mind trap craze is sweeping the nation, the virtual reality game on sale at every store. But when Pim tries it out, she realises something more sinister behind the addiction...

Republished for the virtual reality contest.


7. Chapter Six

There was a girl, curled up into a tight ball sitting in a shadowed corner. Her hair, which once must've shined with the well kept gleam of one who takes pride in appearance, was lank, and drooped like a mop about her shrivelled shoulders. Her face was distorted and coloured a shade of unbecoming green - matching the jealous look in her eyes as she stared hungrily at Pim. 

Pim's dance partner stood motionless behind her - her Romeo as it were. There was another, suited figure behind the other girl, who, Pim noticed with a sick feeling in her stomach, was wearing a dress almost the exact copy of her own.

The beading was different, and the purple ruffles were blue, but otherwise, their gowns could be mistaken for one and the same. 

She gulped.

The other girl opened her mouth in a breathy sort of manner, speaking in a scarily frail voice. Despite her haggard appearance,  she did n't seem to be in pain - more dreamy as she began to sway from side to side. 

"Where fore art thou Romeo?" The girl smiled lazily , turning around to see him standing behind her, giggling in childish glee. 

Pim gasped in shock. 

The creature spoke in Maria's rich tones, watered down rather a lot, but definitely Maria's voice. Stumbling backwards into her own Romeo's arms he leered down at her - almost as if to say, "You'll be next..."

The simulation's arms moved towards her, close to encasing her in an enveloping hug. Pim pulled away, disgusted she'd ever felt like she might be in love with this man. "Get away from me," she spat bitterly, treading quickly towards Maria. 

Her Romeo bowed mockingly. "As you wish." Then pieces of his body leapt into midair, and he began disintegrating until he seemed to blow about like confetti around Pim's head. The pieces fluttered gently to the ground before flickering with a strange blue light and vanishing.

Meanwhile, Pim ran forward to Maria, almost sobbing with relief. "We have to get out of this game!" she panted, extending a thin hand to help her friend up. Maria stayed curled in a ball. "Maria?" 

Pim shook her friend, anxiety showing in her dark eyes. Her voice cracking in sudden need and even more immediate terror, she yelled into the night, "Maria? How... How do we stop the game?" 

But Maria made no response but to stare sorrowfully at Pim with big, sad eyes. 

All at once, the figure standing behind Maria darted forwards, passing through Maria as if she were made of nothing. "That," he said gesturing disdainfully at Maria, "Was my one and only Juliet. Look what I have reduced her to." He spat at the ground next to her feet. From behind her, Pim heard the rumbling voice of her own Romeo.

His lips twisted into a cruel smile.

"And now it's your turn." 




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