Mindtrap - For the Virtual Reality Contest

The mind trap craze is sweeping the nation, the virtual reality game on sale at every store. But when Pim tries it out, she realises something more sinister behind the addiction...

Republished for the virtual reality contest.


5. Chapter Four

After dully marching through the next three hours of Double Maths and Science, it was only the thought of that afternoon, and a chance to play on Mindtrap that kept Pim's gears turning. Hands slightly quivering in her nervousness and the cold, she reached high above her head to press the buzzer for the intercom outside Maria's oversized mansion.

"M-Maria? It's Pim," she said, huddling beneath her dark school blazer, mentally kicking herself for forgetting to wear a scarf. She blinked in alarm as a creaking noise sounded beside her, only to calm herself as she realised it was merely the creaking metal gate opening.

Maria had granted her entrance.

Yet now Pim stopped, unsure. 

Instead of taking a step forward, she recoiled back.

Adrenaline coursing through her body, she mentally warred over whether to enter, or stay clear, away from the mysterious Maria and all signs of Mindtrap. Besides, how should she know Maria actually owned the  mystical game? Why should Pim trust her, a rude, opinionated year ten with no respect for others - someone not exactly known for their pleasant good nature. 

Beginning to discard all possibility of Maria as a friend, her feet began to turn southwards, away from the building looming over her, when the sound of Maria's voice came sharply from the intercom.

"Well? What are you waiting for? Did you want to play Mindtrap or not?"

Steeling herself, Pim began again to walk through the gate, forcing herself to keep face, keep a cool expression. What was the worst that could happen to her? She felt for her mobile phone, safely tucked away in her trouser pocket. If going to Maria's turned out to be a huge mistake, the police were only three numbers away. 

She shuddered, banishing the thoughts of a criminal Maria.

Pim was fourteen - old enough by now to look after herself!

With stiff precision, she walked the last couple of metres to the house, greeted by Maria, who flung open the door on her arrival with a, "Took you long enough," and an irritated sniff. Luckily, she didn't dwell to long on the reasons behind her companion's lateness, and led her into a luxuriously furnished, spacious sitting room. 

In the corner was a small, compact hunk of metal, black in colour, it's only decoration a startling 'Mindtrap' in blue ink across it's top. 

Pim gasped in amazement, astonished at what a small thing had caused such excitement, but also in anticipation of what it was about it so extraordinary to do such a thing. Slipping into the silken play suit silently beside Maria, the weight of desire lifted from her shoulders in one fell swoop.

Mindtrap beckoned to her, calling her name, and it was all to eagerly that she leant forward, pressing the button on it's side labeled 'On'.

And after answering to the sychorine sweet call of temptation, her life was changed forever.

Unsurprisingly not all for good.


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