The life of Cyrah


2. let's start out :/

Let's get this straight. My name is cyrah. Cyrahlynn Monica Lacey swain. My name is not Syrah or Kiera. It's cyrah, it sounds like Sarah or Sara. Ok,

I've never been pretty. Not just saying that either. That's me right there on the cover. Anyways the story

I went to holy trinity elementary school in Newfoundland, Canada. I had two best friends named Matthew and Tiffany. One day my parents said we were moving, I could come back In The seventh grade. Matty and tiff were devestated. We were only seven so yea.

I move to beachy cove elementary school. Not far from where I used to live. 20 minuite drive is all. I met Samantha and josh, Brigid, Angela, zack, Connor, Daniel #pet hehehe

By the sixth grade we were all still friends, I had forgotten about the others. Angela was probably my best friend in the entire world and she still is. Same with Brigid. Finally seventh grade rolled around last september. I was nervous because I thought they had forgotten about me

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