When The World Goes Cold

What happens when you can't admit you were wrong.


6. 2013

My aunt had breast cancer. We didn't know because they didn't tell us. My mom was very shocked because she also had breast cancer and would have liked to help. She had chemotherapy and radiation and never told is. We saw her at Tim Horton's and  she looked good. Her hair was short but she looked good. That was the first time we talked in almost a year. I have yet to receive a gift from them in over 5 years; for my birthday or Christmas. We have tried to make things better with them but nothing has happened. I still love them. 

I have tried to talk to my cousin but she doesn't answer. I had to ask my other cousin if she knew what was going on and she didn't know. 

Their dog died and i found out via Facebook. That dog was important to me to. But they didn't tell us. My only hope is that my papa isn't mad at us and that if I die soon, they will come to my funeral. If they don't, I will never forgive them.

They are supposed to be my family...



~K. Dillingham

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