When The World Goes Cold

What happens when you can't admit you were wrong.


1. 2009

Things were perfect. The room smelled like love and fall and family. People were laughing and smiling and having a good time. Food was being placed and everyone was moving around, getting their plate, creating mountains of rolls and potatoes and vegetables and turkey. I was squeezed in between my cousins. There were 25 of us, some in the dining room,others in the makeshift kitchen there folding tables and chairs were added on to the actual kitchen table, stretching into the next room. 25 people laughing and smiling and wishing that others could be with us. We all sat down and lowered our heads to pray. 

Dear Lord. Bless this meal and this family. Thank you for bringing us together on this day together and giving us this time together. And please keep papa Jaco in your arms as we miss him on this time of year. In God's name, Amen

We all are silent for a minute and then the talking raised again. People are asking for water and milk and things to be passed to the other end of the table. We ate and talked and had a joyous time. Then came the desert. Pies and cookies and all different sweets that made your mouth water just by hearing the name. The football was on the TV.  We sat around betting on if the team would make a comeback, telling lame jokes, remembering if there was ever a happier time in our life. 

People stared to file out, the oldest all the way down to the little infants and the parents. It was dark out, close to 10 pm. We said our goodbyes and made our way to our house, which was down the street. It was a great day. 

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