The River's Song



1. The River's song

There's a time and place,

somewhere out there

where everything stands still

and memories never seem to cease.

I know there is such a place,

because I believe is.

It'll be past the stars,

and somewhere where

there's a river that flows,

and song that is sung.

And has a small pond where the water

makes a beautiful sound,

like a tinkle of bells,

like a melody that is written

specifically for two people.

One with hair that colour of carrots

and a determination,

and one who has a nose,

that sticks out like his loyalty.

In the forest there'll be a box,

a box as blue as the sky above

and a madman will step out.

He'll greet the two with open arms,

and then he'll sit down by the river,

and tell her of the old saying,

embroided on that cloth so many

many years ago.

Then madman will tell her

of his adventures

with the impossible girl

and how fast and how far

they ran.

Finally he'll turn to that

couple that had disappeared

for so long and hug them

for a very, very long time.

When all is said

and all last goodbyes are told

the Doctor will fly away

to another place that needs a hero.

He'll always remember

the river's song

and how it slowly dried up.

But he'll still remember her

when she was still alive

with her 'spoilers'

and his 'geronimo'.

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