Too dopee

A weird love story, I suppose. Two instagrammers notice each other one day and talk through chat.. But will they keep their promises and meet each other one day..?


4. shopping

Chelsea's P.O.V

today is going to be great! Me and Annie are going shopping to a huge shopping centre and we will be buying loads of clothes! Lingerie, casual, party etc.

This is only for the fact that we leaving tomorrow to meet our Instagram hubbies. (This is what we call them), plus we needed new clothes and this will be the last time we will see each other until a couple of months! We decided to stay at the guys' houses until it is end of summer. She will be in Germany and I will be in Mexico.. This is the furthest and longest we will never see each other, we will probably contact each other, but it's not the same!

First we went into Internationale, it is one of my favourite shops! It's more for people like me, teen wise, if you know what I mean. We came out with three bags already! I was urging to go to more shops, so we stopped at Victoria's Secret. It was.. An interesting experience. Most if the pants I took out were laced and and tight. They were so cute! And the bras I picked, laced too. I hear that matching bras and undies is a turn on for boys. What? It could happen while I'm with him!

After going to a few shops, we were loaded with bags and bags! We stopped at costa for a rest and a drink.

"I'm going to miss you Chelsea."

I felt goose bumps spring upon my arms.

"I-I'm going to miss you too."

There was a silence between us but so loud in our heads. Like, we thought about all the memories we had.

We hugged each other.

I let out a big sigh. She was so gentle, and so much fun to be with. I was glad something good was happening for her. Besides, she deserves it! And she is so beautiful, her green and blue eyes, her light brown/blonde hair, her little freckles on her face, her cute nose, I could go on and on. I love her to pieces!

*comes back from shopping*

"Now that us what is I call a workout!" I did as we both laughed and puffed from not catching our breath. Well, we did run all the way back with about 16 bags in our hands.

"Haha, you got that right!!"

We chucked our bags into our rooms and I made us hot chocolate.

"Ahhhh that's the life." Annie managed to sigh out.

"So what are we doing tonight?" Annie asked excitedly.

"I was thinking about watching a comedy film, like 'were the millers'! And have loads if popcorn and chocolate- as it's our last night!"

"YES! Omg I love youuuu!!" Annie said with no hesitation.

She went straight over to the DVD system and already played the film. Well, the adverts were on so I quickly grabbed 3 packets of toffee popcorn and 2 bars of galaxy.

We both sat down, and the film began. We already were laughing our heads off! I had tripped over the corner of the sofa and landed head first into the coffee table spilling the popcorn on the table.

*film ends*

"I think we should go to sleep now. Early start tomorrow!"

"Yeah, have sweet dreams about Bene!" I says in a mocking and joking voice.

"Have wet dreams about Jordyn!" She gave me a perverted and joking look.

We both laughed into our rooms and went to sleep.

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