[Mock-Fiction] V - Fures Misericordiam

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Aye. Tis me again.

Cover by Secrets Unfold


2. Prologue

Emperor Lodovico Smith closed the book he was scribbling in and clicked his pen, placing it neatly on his desk. The man stretched his arms and his spine and rose. He looked in the ornate mirror that hung on his wall, and frowned.


Emperor of nearly half the world and still – he couldn’t defeat the forces of Time.


As the years progressed, the wrinkles in his face became more prominent and threads of white were sewn through his jet black hair and beard. His bones were weaker, his stature stooped, and winter after winter he grew colder and colder.

He slid his chair back in place and strode across the room, everything gilded over and plush. The books on his lavish shelf were peeling and crumbling. He was unnerved by how they reminded him of himself. The couch at the end of the room looked warm and inviting, and the table next to it bore a tray of the finest foods and wine – and a thick blanket.


It was a study fit for a king. A very pompous king at that.


He scowled at the thought. He regarded the large gold crucifix that stood proud on his desk. Lodovico pondered for a moment, how much he’d thought of righteousness recently. Not often, and he’d be the first to admit it. It wasn’t the best way to fare, for a Puritanical emperor. He wondered how he’d be remembered when he was gone.

Powerful? Majestic? Courageous?



Smith strode over to his large window and looked out across the busy expanse of his capital, London.

There,” he said, his hands behind his straight back, “out in the darkness,

A fugitive running,

Fallen from God…?” he paused, thinking.

But then nodded, “Fallen from grace.

God be my witness,

I never shall yield:

‘Til we come face to face,

‘Til we come face to face…


She’s knows her way in the dark,

Mine is the way of the Lord.

Those who follow the path of the righteous,

Shall have their reward.

And if they fall as Lucifer fell –

The flame’s the sword.”


He looked up at the sky, in wonder at the celestial bodies, “Stars, in multitudes.

Scarce to be counted,

Filling the darkness,

With order and light.

You are the sentinels,

Silent and sure,

Keeping watch in the night,

Keeping watch in the night…


You know you place in the sky,

You hold your course and your aim,

And each in your season returns and returns –

And is always the same.

And if you fall as Lucifer fell –

You fall in flame!


And so it must be,

For so it is written:

On the doorway to paradise –

That those who falter

And those who fall:

Must pay, the price.


Lord let me find her,

That I might see her –

Save me a path!

I will never rest.

To them this I swear


This I swear by the stars!

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