[Mock-Fiction] V - Fures Misericordiam

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Aye. Tis me again.

Cover by Secrets Unfold


12. 10 – Wrath

“Mari, wait!” said Edward, running after a very distraught Mariqah, “Bloomin’ nut-case, stop in your tracks, woman!”

Mariqah kept on running – in a fashion Edward had never seen a woman run before. She was climbing buildings and racing along trees, jumping into back streets and finding her way through the labyrinth of alleyways.

All in the very opposite direction to which they should have been travelling.


“Dammit, I’ve lost her,” he sighed, and climbed a building, noticing all the people staring aghast. Edward looked around, and spotting the moving figure, followed her lead. He saw her push past a group of potheads and drunks in a side street. Edward jumped on her and caught her by the ankle.

Mariqah tried to struggle out of his grip as he spat curses and obscenities at the pavement he’d landed on. Then he yanked her ankle and dragged her down.

Jaysus, what’s gotten into you!” he yelled in her face.


Mariqah kicked him off and stood up, her head in her hands as she looked around, “I’ve killed him!” she muttered, “I’ve killed him! Good God, I’ve killed him!”
“Oh, for duck’s sake!” Edward got up and shook her, “Who? Who’ve you killed?”
“Who else, you jackass?” she screamed, “Who else? They’re going to find him. They’re going to kill him!”

“Mari, come on, we’ve travelled for so long…”
“That man gave me a home!” she cried and then mumbled, “And I’ve brought trouble and death to his doorstep.”
“It’s what old men do!” yelled Edward, “Dying is the custom of old men. Now–”

“Oh, Edward, if only you knew the age at which you would die!” rasped Mariqah, she began to climb another building, regaining her sense of direction.

Edward stared at her, frozen to his spot. What did she mean… if only I knew?

He shook his head and climbed after her.


* * * * *


Mariqah came in front of Father Samuels’s house. She panted, and sat on the bench across the street, her head in her hands.

Please, please be alright, she thought.

Edward joined her soon afterwards, “Bloody hell… you can… you can run,” he said collapsing beside her.

“It’s the only thing I’ve ever done right my entire life,” she muttered, and got up, “My father’s house. Military. This country. Masyaf. And now my second Father’s house,” she rubbed her forehead with her hand, “Oh, please be alright!” she ran across the street to the Father’s house and began climbing the walls, leaping across window sills.

“Oh, come on, woman, have some mercy!” sighed Edward, following her wearily.


The sky was black with dim stars, moonless. The street-lamps shone brightly, but it made the trees and the houses no less ominous. Edward heard the breaking of glass and a shrill howl of despair.

“Suppose she found him, then,” he muttered.


* * * * *

“No,” Mariqah murmured, “No, no,” she brushed back the dead man’s hair matted heavily with his own blood and closed his eyes, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” she bent her head back, “Heaven have mercy,” she sobbed, “Rogue, you’re a fool! Thoughtless, thankless, wretched creature, you are! Oh, Father, Father, forgive me…”


“Isn’t this precious.”

Mariqah bared her teeth, her nostrils flared, and growled at the sound of his voice.

“You murderer!” she barked at the shadows.

The well-dressed man walked out of them and five others, surrounding her.

“Do you know who I am?” asked the man.

Mariqah spat at him, “One of Smith’s offspring,” she said, “Shouldn’t you be in your inky cloaks, Simeon? Your father’s dead, show some minor respects at least.”

“Respects?” Simeon snorted, “Now is the time for celebration, dear Midnight Rogue! You are looking at the new Emperor of the United Atlantic Federation.”

“Aye, a big crown to balance a rather small cock.”


“Oh, soft now, dear enemy,” he unsheathed a sword and pointed it at her, “Don’t you know? You’re looking into the eyes of your death.”

“No. I’ve seen the eyes of death. What I’m looking at is a boy who threw a tantrum, killed his father and an righteous old man, and stole the crown from his far more able-bodied younger brother, Seth,” she smiled at him mockingly, “And now pretends that he can do what his father could not.”

Simeon growled, “How dare you!”

How?” said Mariqah, standing up with a face filled with insanity, “How, you ask? You kill the man who protected me for a full year, and you ask how?” she growled, “This,” she said, taking the fallen walking stick next to Father Samuels’s dead body, “this is how.”

She stabbed the stick into the eye of one of Simeon’s guards. The man howled, but went down as the pressure made blood splurt out in short bursts, and let him writhe around on the ground. Mariqah plunged it out and a hard thwack bounced off another guard’s jaw as he tried to advance. She pulled out his sword, and stabbed it deep into the side of his neck. She caught him under his armpits and held the limp body in front of her as bullets began to spit in her direction. All bullets spent, she threw the body aside, picked up the walking stick and took long strides towards the other three guards, blood pooling around her feet. They pulled out their swords, but the swords were little more than a few props for show. They didn’t have the slightest idea how to actually use them. Mariqah could see their nervousness. She could feel it in the air around them.


“You’re bullshitting me,” she spat, “You’re ducking bullshitting me. This is the best you have, Simeon? Your empire will fall on all fours before a woman with a stick!” she swung her stick at the first guard, sending his sword flying out of his hand and head-butted him until he fell unconscious.

There was a dark bruise on her forehead as she turned to the other two. They cowered and dropped their weapons. One seemed to have soiled his trousers. They pleaded for mercy with their hands raised.

“Mercy?” she asked them, “What is that?”

She slapped them both and they fell off to a side. Clinging to the walls. She looked around for Simeon, but he’d gone. She looked back at the two guards.

“Get out of my sight!” she barked, “And pray to whatever god you hold dear that I never see your faces again! Or, I swear, you won’t live to tell the tale!”


They ran out of the gaping door. Mariqah heard shuffling behind her. She pulled up her stick – now broken – and turned grasping the target by the collar. She stopped mid-strike, staring into Edward’s face, and let him go. She collapsed on the floor.

“Jaysus…” Edward mumbled, and got down gently next to her.

She held her arms and cried with her head bowed, her dishevelled hair covering her face.

“Come on, Mari, there’ll be more of them.”
“Oh, piss off, Kenway!” she snapped, “Let them come!” her voice choked, “Let them come… Let them come and see the monster they’ve awoken,” she crawled her way to Father Samuels’s body, “Let them come… I’ll kill every last one of them. One of their lives for every drop of your blood!” she kissed the old man’s forehead, “I’ll make them pay, Father. I promise you. What have I done…?


Father, sweet Father, what have I done?

Become a Rogue in a night, become a dog on the run.

I had fallen so far, and the hour’s so late,

That nothing remained but the cry of my hate –

The cries in the night that nobody heared,

There where I stood at the turning of the years.


You showed me another way to go,

I’d missed it twenty long years ago,

My life was a war that could never be won,

Now they’ll give me a number and then when they’re done:

They’ll chain me and leave me for dead –

And yet all of this fell on your head.

Yet, why did I allow you, Man, to touch my soul and teach me love?

You treated me like any other,

You gave me your trust, you called me ‘daughter’.

My life you claimed for God above…

Can such things be?

For I’d come to hate the world – This world that always hated me.


Take an eye for an eye! Turn your heart into stone!

This is all I had lived for! This is all I had kn-o-wn!


One word from you, and I’d’ve been back,

Beneath the lash, upon the rack.

Yet you offered me my freedom –

I feel my shame inside me, like a knife.

You told me that I had soul… How would you know?

What spirit came to move my life?

You showed me another way to go.


Mariqah lifted her head, sniffing, and made motion with a hand,

I am reaching but I fall.

And the night is closing in.

As I stare into the void,

To the whirlpool of my sins.


I escaped then from that world,

From the world of Midnight Rogue,

Midnight Rogue meant nothing then…

She gasped the air as if it was a tangible thing, and whispered as if in realisation,

And now this story must begin… again.”

She rose and looked at a perplexed Edward, “Come on,” she made to go downstairs, “it’s time to unearth the past and resurrect it.”

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