This is about divine power incarnating as men of age in times of distress.These great souls are referred to as Avatars or yuga purushas or men of age.


1. Avatar

(Avatar means incarnation of divine power. yuga purusha means man of the age.Dharma is a sanskrit word with a wide, comprehensive meaning which includes virtues like truth, justice. honesty.duties and responsibilities and others. Adharma is an exact opposite.)


Avatar, a light ray of divine power and intelligence

incarnated in human form

comes down to earth on its own

neither being planned nor being created.


Dharma in state of violation, Adharma in raise,

the agony of the earth touching the heavens,

saviors of humanity, men of age take birth

to protect good and punish evil on planet earth.


Times, environment, conditions and needs of a nation

call for the birth of Avatar to revive Dharma

the purpose decided and the role being defined

Avatar, yuga purusha appears on earth.


Many a divine aspect descend as great souls,

purity and compassion as Buddha the great sage,

love and sacrifice as Jesus son of God,

grace and sweetness as lord Krishna the divine soul.


Human spirit through virtue and discipline

raises to higher state and merge in divine soul;

Avatar the divine soul descends as human spirit

for the salvation of human from satan.


As the tree produces seeds and fruits of its own kind

so the man of age incarnates the nation's soul,

safeguards and brings back the lost sheep in to its flock

the religion being the up keeper only, of that spirit.


Human plan how ever ideal, ever an imperfect one

individual nature being its origin;

universal plan always perfect with all the changes in time flow

as it decides why, how and when to operate and end it.


The selfless surrender and co-operation of human mind

to the totality and harmony of universal plan,

rewards him with a spontaneous natural plan

ready for him to carry on further.


Avatar, the universal soul with no individual nature

not trapped by such nature belongs to all;

though he be praised or condemned

by contemporaries as per their inner perception high or low.


Avatar presents old truth in new lighted path,

its up to the mankind to choose the path;

if not, the age old evils hold strong fort

and man remains prisoner in spite of Avatar. 






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