Rose is a 16 year old girl with a terrible past has moved to Viriginia in hope to get away from her past. What she doesn't know is that she can't get away from it because, it follows her everywhere she goes.
Join her on the adventure of love and pain.


5. Pool

   When we walk in we hear yelling and splashing.

   Cody says," Alan, Jordan, Tabitha come here I have someone for you to meet."

   Two boys and a girl come walking over to us laughing. Cody introduces us.

   "Alan, Jordan, Tabitha. This is Rose she just moved here from Louisiana. Is it okay if we swim with you guys?"

   "Yeah," Tabitha said," Hi, i'm Tabitha. We are going to have so much fun."

   "I hope so, because Cody is the only friend I've made so far."

   "Well you don't have to worry about that anymore. Come on lets swim." 

   I walk over to one of the tables, strip down to my bathing suit, and dive in. The water was cold at first. I swim over to Cody and Alan. Cody has a six pack and so does Alan.

   I say," Wasup?" 

   "Nothing," Alan said," but I like your hair. You're the first girl I've seen with blue hair."

   "Thanks," I say.

   "Lets play chicken ," Jordan says when he swam over to us.

   "Okay, lets play." I say.

   I get on Cody's shoulders and Tabitha gets on Alan's.

   Jordan says," Don't hurt her too much Tabitha. Rose lets see if you can beat her, she's undefeated."

   "Okay but just so you know so am I.''

   As soon as we start it takes me about 10 seconds to beat her.

   Alan said," How did you do that?"

   I say," I used to get bullied so I started fighting back. So when we started I could recognize what she was doing and saw her flaw and used it against her. Which I will not reveal," I wink at her and she smiles back at me."So it wasn't that hard."

   Cody looked up at me and smiled then said,"How long have you been fighting?"

   I say," Since I was eight." They stare at me in shock I just shrugged ," Its not that big of a deal."

   "Wow I knew you were badass when  I heard you knocked Austin out. People thought you got lucky but, now I know the truth."

  "Yeah, you have to do what you need to protect yourself and learn not to take shit from other people."

   "What do you mean?" Tabitha asked.

  "I---" start but I was suddenly pulled off Cody's shoulders and in the water my head hits the bottom of the pool and  my head exploded in pain. Then I blacked out.




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