The Magic Begins..

Amethyst Cahor
She lived with her Twin brother and the weasleys at the burrow
Witty Clever Sweet Random
She is the perfect mix for trouble
Follow her journey as she finds out the truth behind her parents death
and that she has relations that are still alive


1. Amethyst Cahor

Name:- Amethyst Ann Cahor

Age:- 11

Birthday:- 1st July

Family:- Madonna Cahor ( mom ), Depertan Cahor ( dad ), Alex Cahor ( twin brother ), Molly Weasley ( Aunt ), Arthur Weasley ( uncle ), The Weasley Kids ( First cousins ), Narcissa Malfoy ( very distant relationship )

Looks:- in the pic, blueish-green eyes,( she's a metamorphagus but she doesn't show her emotions on her hair as she has learned to control them very well and animagus her animagus is a pure white wolf with bright blue eyes )



I’m Amethyst. Nice to meet you!!

Well as you can see I'm an extremely hyper kid. My parents died when me and Alex were only 5. You see my father’s family was extremely rich and highly respected in the wizarding world (even more than the Malfoys). Since my parents death we live with the Weasley’s. I'm a huge prankster and I'm always playing pranks with Fred and George. Life here at The Borrow is really amazing and I love hearing Fred and George's tales about Hogwarts and I can’t wait to get my letter. My favorite color is anything bright. Ron says I'm a total fasionista. Alex and I may look alike but our personalities are total opposites. I know all about ‘the boy who lived’ aka Harry potter. My mum and his mum were best friends. Tomorrow Alex and I turn 11 and hope to get our Hogwarts letters.

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