Marry You

Ashley and Zack has been together for 2 years but they haven't kissed yet! Ashley feels that without this, they won't be a real couple, and her friends agrees. But Zack who's obsessed with his band doesn't really notice what Ashley wants.

(This is my first movella, and I would love to get feedback. I know that there may be grammatic errors, so please tell me if you find any! Most of all thank you if you'll take your time to read this little story)


9. 9

Then he suddenly stops.. Looks down, and puts his guitar away. The audience goes silent, also the teachers that was about to step in doesn't move an inch. Then Zack suddenly stands up and takes the microphone.

"Ashley.. where are you..?"

I wipe my tears away, stands up and then I raise my hand.

"..Found you.. Well.. if you want to break up, I totally understand but.. it's not cool.. I mean.. I won't be cool with it.."

I get up from my seat and runs through the crowd and to Zack. I immediately hug him.

"I don't want to break up.. sorry, I was being dramatic yesterday.."

The whole audience begins clapping and Zack's mates begins shouting, "Say it already!"

"Well, I've waited for this day to come.. so that I could propose to you..Ashley..Umm.. Will you marry me?"

His green eyes looking at me, begging for an answer. 

"Aren't we a little too young?" I ask, giggling causing him to blush.

"Well- well yeah.. but I want you to be my bride as soon as possible.." he says taking the microphone away from his mouth.

Both of us is blushing madly.

"Oh.. damn-.. I mean, i forgot.." Then he get's down on his knees and takes the box he hid in his pocket. It's the same box I gave him for valentine.. I begin crying, nodding and blushing even more, then I get down on my knees to hug him.

"I'll take that as a yes?" He says, laughing as if his nervousness disappeared.

Then he gently places his hands on my cheeks, and leans in to kiss me.


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